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Saturday, September 23, 2006

The flood lights blinded the man on jeans with his tops tucked inside his pants. He deliberately covered his eyes with the bundle of paper he's holding. The flood light operator must have noticed this and lowered the ilumination.

He was a bit shaky, but managed to showed the crowd his composure. He lifted the microphone hoping that each word that he would be saying will be the ones that should be said.

But he was wrong! Dead wrong! Moments later he was talking non-sense! The crowed murmured - disgusted by what the man in jeans had said.

Suddenly, an old lady approximately on her late 70s, from the crowd stood up with her walking stick waving up high like a wild horse on amphetamines, she was babling curses to the man.

Damuho ka! Shouted the lady. Matha Fuckur! she continued.

The man pulled a gun from his pocket. And without a warning, pulled the trigger. BANG! the gun exploded, the bullet soared from the barrel and into the lady's chest.

A second had passed.. and no one had moved... two seconds... three... everyone was dumb struck with what they saw. They are thorn between the thought of being the next victim of the man on jeans and calling for help. Either of the two... they have no choice but to keep still.

The armed man stood still with the gun on his left hand, this time he can't keep his emotion... he was shaking. He opened his mouth, summoning all his spirits.

He broke the silence... with another BANG from his gun. He shot himself. There - lifeless.

Direk: OK Cut! Nice take! Pack-up na!


Alak, yosi atbp.

Its been a while na since our last inuman session, and i've been dying to sober up my self again. The feeling of dizziness is heaven and the ocassional intestinal regurgitation is an aphrodiziac.

Right??? NO! Since when did dizziness become heaven? And vomiting -- and aphrodiziac??? Duh! I'll better check my "boohoo" at the door!

Huhuhu! I soo miss the rooftop, the midnight air, the pep talk, the bullshitting, the jokes-are-half-meant, the jokes, the joker, the dancing, the POLE dancing, the pole dancing and falling (ROTFL) and of course the binder of them all:

Glory Hole???

Haha! Anyways, I have A LOT of pending post... Like the "kwentuhan ko kayo" post and "Life's Toughest questions" and to tell you, i think I'll be changing my layout again... hmmm... probably next week. But the template i'll be using woudn't be a new one.

I guess I'll end this post here... leaving you with this question:

If you were given the chance to choose the world's 8th wonder, what would it be and why?

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