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Yeepee! Philippine's doing great!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Yes! I knew it! Philippines will be at the top spot for the 23rd season of the SEA games! And no! Don't tell me that its too early to conclude this... My intuition serves me right! And I should tell you, I can really feel the top spot for us! Go Team Philippines! Posible! Anyways, I have watch the match between the Philippines and sorry I forgot what country was that. Anyways, the match was really exciting! It was head-to-head and the crowd was really into it. I think I even stood-off my seat when Geisler fell. I thought his oponent will get a point but before he fell, he succesfully kicked his oponent gaining him a 2 point lead! Before I went to school today, while I was eating my lunch, I watch the Men's 3m synchronized diving. I Filipino divers were good! They managed to do at least a high level of difficulty and still making the least amout of splash at their dive. I failed to finished their match, but I think they got the gold.

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