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Who really deserves the Universe in her Hands?

Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Blogosphere had spoken!

Miss Japan Riyo Mori poses at Mexico City May 16

Here is what they've been asked: "Is Miss Universe 2007, Riyo Mori beautiful?"

Lauren Brooke thinks not really. She also added that she can't believe Japan Won.

"No, i think Brazil or USA should have won instead of Japan" says Salvy Angel.

Cococinnamon told us "She did exhibit confidence, but her answer to the superhero question was HORRIBLE!!! I was really suprised when she won."

Marinka124 added that she think they are all beautifull, but from the final 5 I liked brazil the most as well.

CK's 2 cents: "I thought Japan was the worst out of the bunch. I couldn't believe that she won. I didn't find her attractive at all, her answer to the question was definitely not the best answer, and she just didn't present herself as well as some others. I had hoped that Brazil, Venezuela, or USA could've won instead."

Jess agreed with CK and added that Miss Brazil should have won! NOT Japan! She sucks! lol

The next one is from I love i love, I gave her a thumbs up with her answer: "GOODNESS, why does everybody ONLY focus on outer beauty?

I think she was very cute & bubbly and had a fun personality which ultimately won over the judges. She didn't have to be the most gorgeous person on earth to win, as obviously was seen before in the past. It's the whole package, not just her face. Sheesh.

It's time to start looking at the beauty of DIVERSITY instead of sticking to the "HAWT, SEXY OMG SUPERHAWT" image that miss universe and the freaking media have been portraying for SO many years. SO many times have USA, white-based countries and latina countries won, when other countries just seem to always "lack" what's seen as "beautiful" universally. Wake up and smell the coffee. If you're only willing to except ONE and ONLY ONE image of beauty in your mind, you need some serious help."

Filipina answerer Stella said that she think the winner should be brazil or usa. they have the best answers. "I'm just wondering why japan won. i think she should be the 4th runner up. I have read some commentaries that japanese endorsements and sponsorships might have the final say on the pageant. ooops.

I think it should be miss brazil, no doubt. I have Miss Japan's answer's dancing blah blah blah. Is that what it takes to be a Miss Universe? Nah. The worst answer I have ever heard.

Im from Asia, specially from the Philippines. But I think Brazil should have won. But im happy Miss Philippines got the Miss Photogenic award again. ha ha"

How 'bout you? Share us your 2 cents!

More people from the internet reviews to come!

Miss Universe Official website.

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Miss USA tumbles On Stage

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

When America conquered the moon, the Philippines conquered the Universe.

- Pres. Nixon, 1969

The quote above has nothing to do with Miss USA's Rachel Smith falling on stage during the evening gown competition of Miss Universe 2007 held at Mexico City, Mexico.

Falling on stage is not an unusual thing to happen. C'mon, you've seen a lot of it at America's Funniest Home Videos and other home video shows. But this is an exception, with over 1 Billion audience worldwide, falling on a Miss Universe stage could be a traumatic (like Miss USA) or a winning (like Miss Philippines) experience.

Continue reading to view Miss Miriam Quiambao's Miss Universe 1999 winning answer and Miss USA's boohoo moment.

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Miss Japan Crowned Miss Universe 2007

Miss Japan is our new Miss Universe 2007

Miss Japan, Riyo Mori waves at the crowd after being crowned as the Miss Universe 2007.

Oh so hot! Donald Trump, co-owner of Miss Universe; Riyo Mori and her japanese beauty; Mario Lopez, hottest host.

Who are the other Winners? Continue reading for photos and list of winners!

Dressed in a black, red and purple Japanese-style gown, Riyo Mori nervously grabbed the hands of first runner-up, Natalia Guimaraes of Brazil, just before the winner was announced. Then she threw her hands up and covered her mouth, overcome with emotion.

But she gathered herself together enough to catch the diamond-and-pearl-studded headpiece valued at $250,000 as it slipped off her head when Miss Universe 2006 Zuleyka Rivera of Puerto Rico crowned her. Mori immediately placed it back on her head.

The last time Japan won the pageant was in 1959 when Akiko Kojima became the first Miss Universe from Asia.

Top 5 Miss Universe and Special Awardees

Roll-over for name and country details

You see, Philippines holds the top spot for a country who have the most Miss Photogenic Award, and this year another one was bagged to make it a total of 7 Miss Photogenic Awards.

Congratulations! Miss Photogenic Ana Theresa Licaros Philippines

Good Karma. You're nice to other people and somehow this universe will be nice to you too. That is what Miss China had proven when she won the Miss Congeniality Award.

Congratulations! Miss Congeniality Ningning Zhang China

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Miss Universe 2007: Predictions and More

Monday, May 28, 2007

The Top 15

15. Slovak Republic

14. Switzerland

13. Peru

12. New Zealand

11. United States

10. Korea

09. Spain

08. Puerto Rico

07. Costa Rica

06. Dominican Republic

05. South Africa

04. Mexico

03. Venezuela

02. Brazil

01. Italy

Pics of my favorite National Costumes.

What I love about Ms. South Africa is that she looks so modern but then in touch with the African culture. The neck and arm rings are very African as well as the animal skin bottoms (animal rights activist? yooohooo). The color of her clothes compliments with her blonde hair. Alluring.

According to Ric from missosology.org, our Ms. Philippines is one of the contestant to watch out for. Too bad she didn't made it to the Top 15 Ms Universe predictions list. She made it or not, she's competing anyways! And with her black Filipiniana accented with flower prints, she will surely be a winner one way or the other. For me, the dark make-up busted thw whole effect of the Filipina beauty, she also looks kind of Spanish with her feather mask. But in the totality, she is stunning! Just look how she projects -- and her finger!

Oh yeah. Ms. Mexico captured me. I love her sombrero. Just like Ms. Philippines, I didn't liked her dark make-up. If only there is an award for Best Smile, Ms. Mexico would surely win that award!

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Team Pilipinas: Filipinos Worldwide Appeal to FIBA | A Signature Campaign

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Let Team Pilipinas play!

I must admit, this one is a really nice artwork. Photo courtesy of Nike Basketball.

But what more important is that our team must be admitted to the Fédération Internationale de Basketball (I love French).

The Philippines were once the basketball kings of Asia. To date, only the Philippines remain to be the only country in Asia to have ever landed a Bronze Medal (Top Three) in the World Basketball Championships. The best Top Five finish in the history of the Olympics Basketball games has never been done by any country in Asia except for the Philippines. Filipino fans stand to unite to help the Philippine National Basketball Team once more fulfill this feat and again relive the Asian Gold Medal Dream.

However, feuds between the Philippine Olympic Committee and the BAP prevents them from joining the FIBA Asian Championship. It was all a verbal war... tsk tsk tsk...

Let us all leave the talking to them and just support our team.

Help raise the signature support campaign for our very own Team Pilipinas. Help prove to the world that the Philippines is a basketball loving country. Please make your comments formal. We are here to support the RP National Team. Please kindly fill all the data entries as much as possible. Click the image below:

Credits: philippinebasketballteam.it.tt

If you like this entry, please dont forget to Digg it. Feel free to use the Linkback function to link this post to your entry. And if you are kind enough, please Linkback this page to support the RP National Team. Go Team Pilipinas!

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Lost Season 3 Finale: Through the Looking Glass

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I don't know if I liked it or not. I mean before season 3 they told us that this season's going to be all about the Others. We'll know more about them... but season 3 ended and guess what instead of having answers all we've got are all questions.

And what the hell is with the flash forward? Now we know that Jack and Kate got of the island. Jack is a drunkard, pill-popping doctor who can't even do a surgery and even tried to suicide. While kate... we don't know if she's still on the run but his quote made me thinking: "I got to go, he'll be wondering where I am."

And why dis Jack called kate to ask her to go to the funeral? And who the hell is in the coffin? Arrrrgggg! This is really frustrating! And it gets even more frustrating to know that we have to wait till February next year for the season 4. And wait again untill 2010 to find out what happen to the survivors for the 6th and final season.

In the mean while, this episode is kinda kick ass because they got to kill the Others and Jack got to punch Ben in the face! Hahaha.

Ros (the french woman) also met her daughter, Alex!

Continue reading to watch the shocking full season 3 finale of LOST!

Watch "Through the Looking Glass" Full episode here! Registration required.

If you like this post, please dont forget to digg it.

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Idol: Jordin got it!

Jordin Sparks a 17 year old from Glendale, Ariz. prevailed over beatboxer Blake Lewis.

I was really expecting Blake to win the competition considering all his past performances and the way he challenges himself to explore a wider genre.

But on the last minutesof the show when Ryan asked the host who they think would win they all stated that Jordin will probably hook it, except for Paula who as always played safe.

Anyways, congratulations to Jordin! And just like Paula had said, both of you are winners.

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Can someone kill gee-ann, the retarded bitch from BB2 for me?

Thanks in advance.

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The May 14 Battle

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

ANTONINO-CUSTODIO, Darlene Magnolia Ricasa PACQUIAO, Emmanuel Dapigran "Manny"
Age 33 28
Weight 85 lbs. 130 lbs.
Education BS management (De La Salle University, Manila), Masters in Culinary Arts (Cordon Bleu, London, England) Unknown
Career History businesswoman, project manager, executive assistant, consultant boxer, actor, singer, commercial model, manager, promoter, businessman
Interests culinary arts cockfights, pool,
Legislative Agenda 1. In pusuance thereof, HB 583 and HB 2753 defining domestic violence, HB 584 penalizing wife cruelty, HB 2844 instituting policies to eliminate the trafficking in women and children, and HB 3085 amending the anti-rape law were filed.

2. In relation thereto, Congresswoman Darlene Antonino-Custodio sponsored HB 579 instituting a children's welfare fund, HB 580 increasing the monthly allowance of day care workers, HB 581 providing for the imposition of life imprisonment for child prostitution, and HB 00025 enhancing the administration of juvenile justice system.

3. Recognizing the value of information technoloy in the era of globalization and in hastening the economic development of the country, Congresswoman Antonino-Custodio intends to pursue the computerization of all public schools.

4. A response to the very growing menace of rabies incidence, Congresswoman Antonino-Custodio had sponsored HB 1688 providing for the control and eradication of rabies. Congresswoman Antonino-Custodio also filed HB 4110 establishing a reproductive health care act.

5. Congresswoman Antonino-Custodio had allocated funds for farm-to-market roads, and other infrastructure projects to improve the lives of the people of General Santos City.

6. To attarct foreign investments and create employment opportunities, Congresswoman Antonino-Custodio sponsored HB 582 establishing an ecozone and free port in General Santos City.

7. Congresswoman Antonino-Custodio is also determined to pursue the building of circumferential roads in anticipation of increasing population and economic activity in General Santos and the whole Mindanao.

8.Congresswoman Antonino-Custodio co-sponsored HB 3000 establishing an anti-illegal recruitment center in every district nationwide.

9. Congresswoman Antonino-Custodio urges all side to show sincerity and honesty in pursuing a workable and lasting peace agreement.

Lisensyadong kamao (2005), Basagan ng mukha (2001), Mahal kita, kahit sino ka pa (2001) Di ko kayang tanggapin (2000); Albums : Para sa 'yo ang laban na 'to (2005), Laban nating lahat ito (2006);

Pacquiao is the first ever non-fictional Filipino featured in a video game. He is featured in the video games Fight Night: Round 2 and Fight Night: Round 3.

He was asked to throw a ceremonial pitch in Major League Baseball; he was named athlete of the year, person of the year, fighter of the year, and so on......

Politics ? related accomplishment :hand raiser of political candidates.

Who would win? Will the voters consider these facts or will they go for the good-hearted idology kind of way?

Special Thanks to malachi_u10.

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The Magic of Angelica Panganiban

Sunday, May 06, 2007

I know this is quite an old story. And I also know that many of you might have seen the Ginebra San Miguel posters already... but not the raw material -- raw as it can get.

Photoshop geniuses are such heaven sents for Miss Angelica Panganiban, they gave her a botox, lipo, and all those medical treatment that Bello Med could offer, the thing is, they did it virtually.

Roll the slides!

Before Angelica must be really shy... After Yep that's right Angelica, thats only round 1!
Is that the 8 waves resort at her tummy? Looks like 8 waves had relocated.. :P

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Microsoft Buying Yahoo

After rumors that Yahoo would be closing down for an hour this Sunday Morning, another rumor reappeared.

A year ago, the two companies were reportedly in talks about a merger, but those conversations were dismissed as rumors and speculation. Well, here's Microsoft and Yahoo 2.0.

A pairing in the spirit of a superhero team-up could happen if the latest chatter about Yahoo and Microsoft proves true. Once again, a potential merger is being considered, as neither company has made gains against Google's search and advertising dominance.

The Wall Street Journal said last year's talks have become this year's discussions. Both Yahoo and Microsoft have been rejiggering their online advertising products, but have not been able to eat into Google's lead.

"Short of a wholesale merger, Microsoft could spin its online group into a separately-run Yahoo, in return for a Yahoo stake," the WSJ said. "Though a person familiar with the matter says Microsoft would likely want to acquire Yahoo."

Microsoft would have to take on some debt to do that, despite its massive pile of cash and equivalents. Yahoo is up to a market cap of over $38 billion, thanks to rumors of the Microsoft talks that began in the New York Post.

The Post carried a story earlier in the week that claimed Microsoft was ready to purchase 24/7 Real Media, in order to offset Google's DoubleClick deal as well as Yahoo's Right Media purchase. A Microsoft spokesperson would not comment on the story to WebProNews, citing the article as rumors and speculation.

If Microsoft were to make a deal with Yahoo, the WSJ thinks there could be some massive upheaval in Yahoo's executive ranks. Considering Yahoo's performance for shareholders over the past couple of years, it's hard to think of that as a negative here.

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