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My 20th Christmas

Sunday, December 25, 2005

First of all Merry Christmas to the one whos reading this, having you here in my small site is enough gift for me this season of sharing and giving. I started my Christmas celebration with a midnight mass of the Christmas eve. The church was decorated with a stage-like scene of Virgin Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus at the center. There were also sheeps scatered around the front of the church. Despite of our earliness there were still limited seats available. We sat at the right wing perpendicular to the choir and started to look for someone I know. I spotted my cousin with her husband, I stopped for awhile consulting my insides if I will greet her, and I decided not to -- she was several feet way from us and her sight doesn't come my way. I pulled a coffee candy from my pocket and nibble on it, the aroma of the solid coffee comforted me for a while... The mass started with the ussual Christmas tradition of short play depicting Mary and Joseph's struggle to find a shelter to stay. It was rubbish. If you'll ask my opinion... I did not like their presentation. But still I clapped. I clapped because at least they had shown their effort. One of the Filipino thing during Christmas is flaunting new clothes... almost everything is new (aside from the person). One lady were even wearing a tube top top match her tight pants -- I thought, wow! She must be really close to God, to let her come to His house with that outfit. But who am i to judge people?! I am not the one who fed them when they was a child... I have no right... Speaking of rights... Does anyone have the right to make noises during Holy Mass? I think no, the kids at my back think otherwise. At out of no-where I murmured "Stupid Bitches"... I commited a sin during a mass... during which the feast is about Jesus being born... I felt numb. ok maybe iam over acting on this one, but hey! This is a one year event! They started gigling and doing alot of kids stuff which i could not stand. Hmmmm.... Kids, maybe I am just really growing old. I wonder what would happen at my 21st Christmas on this planet calle Earth.
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Friday the 16th

Monday, December 19, 2005

It was 10:30 am on a Friday morning; the weather hasn’t been better yet for the last four or three days. Going down the pool is a no-no today if I wouldn’t like to get hypothermia. I stood next to the door and looked outside the windows trying to observe the sky. It was gray and dull. The sun wasn’t shining and is hidden at a thick fluff of clouds. Suddenly a cool breeze swarm the room as it enters through the open door. I closed my eyes trying to concentrate on what I was feeling - an unbearable somberness. It was a sad Friday morning. Several minutes had past which felt like hours. Quarter past ten and I ‘am not yet ready. “Ma,” I started. “I’ll take a shower.” She did not reply on what I had said, its not that I expect her to. I took a short shower and got dressed. I arranged my bag and took my money. Minutes later, I disappeared from our house. As I walk the road from our house to the bus terminal, a mild rain shower poured. I did not mind this because I would get wet anyway. I hailed a bus and sat. I lit up a cigarette and draw in the smoke it has. This small stick could at least make me feel better. It could at least stay with me when I feel sad. I can already see my destination. I am getting nervous with no reason at all. I pulled my right hand from my pocket and pressed the ‘stop’ button. The bus immediately stopped. I started walking again; the rain had already stopped… I summoned all the memories I had many years ago trying to remember the exact location of where I am supposed to be going. I saw a wide-opened gate and suddenly it struck my mind. “This is the place,” I told myself. The place seemed to be deserted, it was all quite… almost as sad as I am feeling that moment. “Is this the place where I am to have fun?” I asked my self and continued walking. Fifty feet away from me, I saw a group of college people waving their hands with big smiles at their faces. I smiled and could almost laugh with their endless waves. They are my friends, waiting outside a resort. I felt like this Friday morning isn’t over yet and it could still be better. In fact… I am aiming for it to be the best.
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Exams -- done. Clues -- revealed.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

OMG! At last! I can finally slow down. Exam week is over and i am really looking forward for a long vacation. Something that would not just unwind me but overhaul me! Second term is really annoying, lots of things to do... and I just remebered, there will be things on my mind even though it will be vacation. I dont want to ruin anyone's mood, so am not going to elaborate on that. I plan this Christmas vacation to be worthwhile... I mean I dont want to waste time just sitting around and waiting for nothing. I think I would practice HTML and study Assembly. Actually I am not sure if my plans would go well... but I will do my best. This coming Friday, me and my friends will be having a pool party and exchange gifts (we are doing this for 4 years now). April is suspecting that i picked her name... hahaha! she's all wrong! I had been giving wrong clues to her and Rejie. And also, I managed to act like I am uneasy with her whenever we talk obout our monitas... Now that I already know what to give **************, all i have to do is go to a mall and buy it. No wrapping is needed i guess. Paper bag will do. haha. How i wish i would receive a good gift this year... I am not saying that I received bad gifts from the recent years... I just wanted a better one.
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Beautiful Disaster (random title)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bloody! That’s what happened today! I never thought 4th year would be this hard. During my high school days, exams are really hard and we have to read pages and pages of books but we survived it… Although there were some constant complaints, we managed anyways. Four years later, déjà vu is on sight. One reason why I like Engineering (in a way) is that because we I don’t have to push to my brain words and terminologies. Although am not bad in memorizing, the fact that I have to read at least a hundred pages for a single subject then the next day we’re going to have an exam. I mean, there so much to read and understand, I don’t know already where to start. I have to understand this, and be able to tell why that… College life is really a torture. You not probably agree with me… I know… but come to think of it, why do teachers have to be like our master?! I mean, we are their students but they seems to be forgetting something… we are also paying costumers. You know. It’s just my opinion. Hmmm… Maybe I am just really tired of doing the same thing over and over again. At least the Christmas vacation is already near and come Friday, I and my friends are going to a small pool party. You now, we need to unwind a little after these pesky prelims. Good luck to my self and to my friends. That would be the only ace we’ve got… well of course except for studying. :smile:
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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Cigarette and empty stomach.

Friday, December 09, 2005

We all have our own problems, may it be in our studies, love, problems at home or the simple things we can't just accept. We are humans and we are vulnerable -- to get hurt, to get affected. But with all these things happening, all in fast phases... It will only take a few minutes to ponder why we are here, standing and seemingly to be alone. I tell you, we are not.
"Problems are not meant to break us, it is meant to bent us towards God."
I first read that quote from a calendar way back during my highschool days. And 'till now, that quotation is my sword and shield. Whenever I am down, I always think of that quote -- that he is just trying to communicate, trying to tell me that I am going astray. Personally, I am not a religious person, but I do believe in God... (very much), and I also believe in miracles. That only shows me being more human... That I can't do all things, or should i say anything without Him. This afternoon, I pondered on many things. One thing was Me being me. I love my self, but I am not satisfied. Again, that is another part of me being human. Many people thought that I am conceited, that I am hard to be with (or go by), and I asked my self, is who I am really who I am? Or am i fabricating a lie that I myself believed?
"Pag ba sinabi kong mahal din kita happy ending na ba tayo?"
Another thing that I pondered this afternoon was Love. (I will explain this as general as possible.) Everybody needs somebody. True. But does it mean, somebody to be with when you go watch a movie? or somebody to be with when you get laid off from your work, or even somebody to be with... just to be with? Love is so, universal, that there is no right excuses nor wrong. It will be just give and take, give and take, give and take, give and take. Be fair. I remembered a quote from a goverment secretary, she said.
"Truth must always prevail and justice served, even though heavens might seem to fall."
Why can't we tell that someone, the truth? Yes it will hurt to him/her and to you (maybe). But its the way of being fair. You have no feelings for him/her? Tell that person. You really like him/her? tell that person! We can't predict the future... and we must learn from our past. We don't need to be a rocket scientist just to love someone, again, love is universal. No exact point of correctness. One last thing I pondered this afternoon was pride. Everyone has it. A big ball of air circling around our head with ropes tied around our body, constantly trying to pull us away from the ground. The easiest way to eliminate pride is to swallow it. It is just ironic that often, prides are bigger than our heads. Anyways... thats all what I had think of. Goodnight Green fields... Goodnight! Parting is such a sweet song that I shall say good night.... etchos! LOL!
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Same old brand new blog

I got bored from the look of my blog. My previous theme had no insteresting background on it and looks dull. At least now, a green field's much easy on the eyes. I think there is something wrong with my template....
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Caroling Impromptu

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

December is the month everyone seems to be anticipating (well except for those who have a bunch of inaanaks), with all the lights in the the streets, cool breeze of the night and carolers roaming for the right house to sing their Christmas carols. If I am to be classified, I would fall under the carolers class. Not just any caroler... an impromptu caroler! Now, I am sure you haven't heard this before... let me explain it to you further.
Earlier this afternoon, we went singing on a karaoker machine which lasted for about 4 hours! After that, we are about to go home when Juvy, out-of-no-where, suggested that we go caroling. We all agreed to her idea, even though we are all 20 year old college students. We had no preparation. No practice. Just the line up of popular Christmas carols
I was hysterical at first. Imagine, it was my first caroling. We got 30 pesos for the first house we sang at. We walked from Sta cruz to Caridad then Cabuco (i think) then lopez jaena. My legs got really tired! But it was fun! Haha! I never thought impromptu was fun! Well... I guess everythings fun when you do it with friends.

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All Work and No Play makes John a dull Boy

Sunday, December 04, 2005

School. Thats one word I love and hate at the same time. Mainly because I met all my friends here, I had alot of good (and bad) memories in my school and also, I have seen my weaknesses here over the past years. But with all these, school works and responsibilities made me hate a part of it. I hate it when homeworks and reports keep me up late at night. I hate it when I my favorite TV shows are on TV but I have to finish something. I hate it when there's just so much to do with so little time. The best example is what I am experiencing now.
I have to finish writing a lab report due on Wednesday, and its not just the lab reports I/we used to do. Its a rewrite of everything from top to bottom, left to right, cover to cover. Great! Just great! Next is, the first chapter of my statistical studies. I have to work on it alone, even though we are a team of two. I'll research it, type it and print it. Then on Tuesday, I'll be hoping my groupmate will be kind enough to at least buy a folder! The software we are going to submit is done, its already functional but still have some flaws on it. -- I'll just say it's still subjected for improvement. On Monday, I have an assignments to pass... lots of it. Then print my web page. Then study for the CISCO exam. See? I am a busy kid.
I guess It would be better if I start working now, than complaining.
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Karaoke, Friends and Me

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Karaoke machine is one invention that has surely have a place at the hearts of the Filipinos. And like me, I am sure, a 5 peso coin is all it will take for you to take that frown off someone's face. This evening, we went to a karaoke-store. YES! Karaoke-store! A karaoke bar inside a store. Anyways, we had a very good time there, singing songs for ur friend who'd just celebrated her birthday 2 days ago and received the best birthday gift of her life -- well thats what I think. And what was it? A BOY. Someone she LIKES, well, someone she ULTRA MEGA SUPER DUPER LIKES. LOL. I am happy for her, at least with all her hard work for her studies, this guy would come, much like of an inspiration. Cha! I'll now answer Bing's question. Yes. I did saw the spark! And it was on your both eyes! Ha! Imagine that! Anyways. Good luck to your NMAT... I hope I was much of a help. P.S. Bing I've read it. You know what am talking about... He doesnt seem to know what a gerund phrase is.
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