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1st ever short post

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Maraming bagay sa mundong ito ang pilit nating tinatakasan -- problema, tungkulin, minsan nga pati riyalidad. Ayokong magyabang, pero sa totoo lang, ako ang taong walang tinatakasan na problema, mas gusto ko pa ang pumalpak kaysa sa magtago na walang nangyayari.

Malaki rin kasi ang tiwala ko sa sarili ko. Kaya most of the time kina-kanya ko ang problema. Walking away from all of these doesn't make any sense. Hindi tayo natututo.

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Tomodachi desu

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Moshi moshi!

Fcuk I'm not going to get this started.

Anyways... I just wanted you guys to know that I have a new blog. No -- I'm not leaving Walk Away behind... but as of now... I have to walk away from it and give it a blog vacation. Maybe a month or two.

New Blog: Doubting Thomas.


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Getting On It

Thursday, February 01, 2007

For the past few months, I've been ranting about me and my busy schedule. This post however, is not different from the previous. I always have this eeky-little-feeling that I should blog things for me to get it of my head.

I've always been a "friend" with my busy schedules ever since my vice-presidency my organization last year, I'd always been on the call. Attending meetings, meeting other people for some legal/illegals/semi-legal stuff. But long before, it didn't bothered me. Not even close.

Time management I could say is one of my asset. I seldom find my self in a rush (although that seldom may be "often" for some) and usually have a lot of spare time doing other things like reading your blogs, or watching movies at PeekVid. I don't want to sound like an "i've been there done that person" but seriously, I really been there (I'm talking about time managerial ups and downs).


The ever-loving call-center industry called me last Monday and did an impromptu interview with me. They got my number from one of my classmate. Anyways, Chad's the one who interviewed me.

Chad happens to be a blogger too but I forgot his URL soooo yeah. Anyways I passed his phone interview and asked me if I could take the exams on Saturday (Well actually i was the one who suggested the date) but holly-molly-mother-of-gonads, I Rob Mortel citizen of the Philippines forgot that I have an online exam on Saturday. Not only that, I'll be supervising the preparation of the Engineering Days! I hope that I'll get a position that has something to do with my degree and not something to do with answering calls 12 time-zones away. (eTelecare HRD... please reread the last sentence. kidding!)


Mic test. mic test.

Calling all generous people of the blogosphere!!! My master who goes by the name of Rob is planning to make lipat-blog from Blogspot to Wordpress. He needs a decent host (cool sounding domain is a plus) who is willing to shed a few MEGAAAAAABYTEEESS (just so you know what I mean by few) to him -- for FREE! A chicklet will be placed on my blog to support your page. Depending on our negotiations, you can even make me your slave! lolx!

PS: Sorry if i can't leave a comment on your blog specially the Haloscan users, PLDT is just making sure that they suck at this business. All they're good at is telling people to ipconfig /relase and ipconfig /renew.

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