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Blogging for Someone

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I think this is the Nth time I will write a blog about someone. Someone I know for at least the past 7 years. Someone whom I trusted alot. Someone whom I thought I would be seeing my self with when I get older. She is my friend... or maybe WAS.
This noon I received text messages from Bing, she told me things I thought was OVER. Things, I thought was part of my history -- our history. Here's the deal:

Several months ago, someone I know made a mistake of her life. At least that's what we've thought... She keeps on insisting things that is so far fetch... It seems like it's not even her who is talking. She even called Bing words that I can't imagine going out of her mouth. Bing cried. Questions flashing in my head... Did she do the right thing? Or are we the ones to blame? But that was over. We, as friends had concluded that she might be under the spell of her "madness" with the guy.

So days had past... weeks, then months. And now out of nowhere, she seems to be digging-up the issues again like a dog, crazy over a piece of bone buried under the soil. I am not a phsychologist nor a psychiatrist, but I can tell when a person is loosing thread in his/her head.

If you are reading this, and you feels like this blog is for you... please, do me a favor. Do not rant on the internet or in text messages. Please! I am sure your mom told you better than that.

Anyways... who are we to tell you. "We are just an stupid excuse for a human being."

Disclaimer: The last quote was not from me nor from the books I have read or from the joke magazines. Someone "man-enough" told that to Bing.

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