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Mo Money, Mo Problem

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

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As the title says: "Mo (more) Money, Mo Problem" and in my case, No money, Mo problem. It seems like that in everyday of my life, I spend more than what should be spent. No, I don't buy unnecessary things. No, I don't spend my money with too much foods. And yet, my allowance are becoming minimal and minimal each day. There are alot of things that I need to do which sadly involves money. My family's recent financial instability also contributed with this burden. School requirements are my major concerns. Next week, we'll be going on a plant visit and just yesterday I shred-off 600.00 bucks for the ticket. Printing problems adds an extra weight or two regarding my financial issue. My printer's inks need to be changed and it requires about a thousand plus-plus to do this. Instead, I print my documents at a computer shop that charges 5.00 per page. Come mid-February, Parokya and Kiko will be performing at my school and I just can't miss that event! That concert doesn't come for free just to clarify things, it cost 250.00 pesos. I don't know if its worth it or not. But I sure know one thing -- my wallet's complaining.

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