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S**T happens naman talaga!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Today, is the most different day since 2006 started. To start of, I went to school early this morning. About 9:00 am (my class starts at 10:00), to study for an exam. Madalang mangyari na pumapasok ako ng maaga para magaaral sa isang exam, a quiz to be exact. Then 10:00 am arrived, I went up to my class at the 4th floor. I first checked the elevator but changed my mind since there's only 2 floors left. Nakatayo lang ako sa labas ng classroom, kausap yung isang kong classmate habang hinihintay namin yung prof. namin. Hindi na yata yung dadating. But the exact opposite happened, when I looked at my right, I saw a small man, walking, parang kilala ko to. Shit. Si sir! Pumasok na kami sa room, hinanda ko na yung cheating material ko. But, heavens seemed to be always at my side. The quiz was cancelled! After that class, I went down to meet my friends at Cafe Urbe, ordered my self my favorite sandwich (Tuna deeeeeelight!) and sat down at one of their umbrella'd tables. We went to our class and found out that there was none. Fine! I went home to eat lunch and get my gadamn CISCO e-labs. How could I ever forgot something that I had worked for like hours?! How stupid is that? Third thing is, the freezee that I bought from Cafe Urbe, right after going back to school... made me feel dizzy. Yeah... the first time ever that a freezee had made me feel dizzy! It also made my tummy ache. Fourth thing is, my third class for the day was cancelled because of a seminar (I heard its about AutoCAD 2006), which is of course doesn't really makes me feel bad or anything... Fifth thing, I have talked about sex with a girl. Not that I had never done this... but this is my first for 2006! LOL! The sixth and most gross thing that ever happened to me since 2006 started or should I say since I started counting is.... hold your breath... the guy who prepared my burger licked his thumb before serving it to me. It was so gross! As in nakakadiri! Imagine licking your thumb tapos hahawakan uli yung burger mo... wala man lang syang gloves or any kind of sanitary stuff. Sobrang badtrip talaga ako dun sa mama, ang ingay ingay ko dun sa loob ng Red Box... Humanda sila, kasi I'll really going to tell the Sanitary inspector! Tapos flavor nung Zagu na nabili kadiri pa yung lasa... Shit happens naman talaga oh!

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