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The May 14 Battle

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

ANTONINO-CUSTODIO, Darlene Magnolia Ricasa PACQUIAO, Emmanuel Dapigran "Manny"
Age 33 28
Weight 85 lbs. 130 lbs.
Education BS management (De La Salle University, Manila), Masters in Culinary Arts (Cordon Bleu, London, England) Unknown
Career History businesswoman, project manager, executive assistant, consultant boxer, actor, singer, commercial model, manager, promoter, businessman
Interests culinary arts cockfights, pool,
Legislative Agenda 1. In pusuance thereof, HB 583 and HB 2753 defining domestic violence, HB 584 penalizing wife cruelty, HB 2844 instituting policies to eliminate the trafficking in women and children, and HB 3085 amending the anti-rape law were filed.

2. In relation thereto, Congresswoman Darlene Antonino-Custodio sponsored HB 579 instituting a children's welfare fund, HB 580 increasing the monthly allowance of day care workers, HB 581 providing for the imposition of life imprisonment for child prostitution, and HB 00025 enhancing the administration of juvenile justice system.

3. Recognizing the value of information technoloy in the era of globalization and in hastening the economic development of the country, Congresswoman Antonino-Custodio intends to pursue the computerization of all public schools.

4. A response to the very growing menace of rabies incidence, Congresswoman Antonino-Custodio had sponsored HB 1688 providing for the control and eradication of rabies. Congresswoman Antonino-Custodio also filed HB 4110 establishing a reproductive health care act.

5. Congresswoman Antonino-Custodio had allocated funds for farm-to-market roads, and other infrastructure projects to improve the lives of the people of General Santos City.

6. To attarct foreign investments and create employment opportunities, Congresswoman Antonino-Custodio sponsored HB 582 establishing an ecozone and free port in General Santos City.

7. Congresswoman Antonino-Custodio is also determined to pursue the building of circumferential roads in anticipation of increasing population and economic activity in General Santos and the whole Mindanao.

8.Congresswoman Antonino-Custodio co-sponsored HB 3000 establishing an anti-illegal recruitment center in every district nationwide.

9. Congresswoman Antonino-Custodio urges all side to show sincerity and honesty in pursuing a workable and lasting peace agreement.

Lisensyadong kamao (2005), Basagan ng mukha (2001), Mahal kita, kahit sino ka pa (2001) Di ko kayang tanggapin (2000); Albums : Para sa 'yo ang laban na 'to (2005), Laban nating lahat ito (2006);

Pacquiao is the first ever non-fictional Filipino featured in a video game. He is featured in the video games Fight Night: Round 2 and Fight Night: Round 3.

He was asked to throw a ceremonial pitch in Major League Baseball; he was named athlete of the year, person of the year, fighter of the year, and so on......

Politics ? related accomplishment :hand raiser of political candidates.

Who would win? Will the voters consider these facts or will they go for the good-hearted idology kind of way?

Special Thanks to malachi_u10.

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