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Doing it in Seconds

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Have you guys seen the infomercial years ago with this guy scanning pages of a book and it turns out that he is actually reading it? Well, they are selling that technique for over $40.00 in the states and around P2,000 in my country.

Now, Im sure you dont want to shed your money over that kind of thing. I tried scouting the interweb (House fan here) with that video but to no good. Of courseI wasn't really expecting to find it. But as seredipitiously as it seems, I found a more useful technique than lightning fast reading!

Learn how to fold your shirts in 2 seconds!

Im sure you didn't understood a word she's said. Hehe. Here is the english version:

This technique is pretty usefull specially if you are a bachelor. Right?

More videos of people doing things in seconds... The Japanese never fails to amuse me.

From 2 seconds shirt folding to 2 seconds undressing.

This guy is such a talent!

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