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Paradise Philippines SEO

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The P600,000 SEO contest, officially known as the Bayanihan SEO Contest had just begun 2 weeks ago. With hundreds of hopeful bloggers to get the most points by rank in 3 major search engines, this is this most ambitious SEO contest ever.

The most interesting part in this SEO contest is that, you can ask for other bloggers' help to get your site go to a higher rank and gain higher points. Throughout the contest, you will be provided with a code that should be embedded at your blog. This code would be used to track your blog, you can ask your friend to add this code to their blog, and the points they'll be gaining will be credited to you, thus the concept of Bayanihan.

"Paradise Philippines" is the contest keywords. According to Marc Macalua, the founder of Philippine SEO, the chosen keywords is a testament to the beauty and splendor of our 7,000+ islands and the strong character and bayanihan spirit of Filipinos all over the world.

While writing this entry the top 3 "Paradise Philippines" blog in the following search engines are:

  1. Mabuhay! Welcome to Paradise - The Visitor's initial guide to the beauty of the Philippine Islands.
  2. Paradise Philippines | Come and visit the beautiful Philippine Paradise - Wow Paradise Philippines is the tourists and travellers guide to Philippine destinations written in blog by a group of Filipino blogger.
  3. Paradise Philippines - Paradise Philippines is the best place to spend your vacation.

  1. Philippines - Wikipedia
  2. Mabuhay! Welcome to Paradise - The Visitor's initial guide to the beauty of the Philippine Islands.
  3. Philippine Department of Tourism - Wow Philippines

  1. Paradise Philippines- Discover the Philippines 7,107 Paradise Islands.
  2. Paradise Philippines | My Paradise Philippines SEO blog - Paradise Philippines Paradise Philippines is the new theme of this Blog. From IsulongSEOPH to Ituloy Angsulong then Seo Experiment. Now it's Paradise Philippines.
  3. Paradise Philippines 2k

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