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3 World's Most Amazing Tables

Monday, August 13, 2007

Fletcher Capstan

The ingenuity of this classic looking fletcher table is amazing.

Now that's what I call expandability!


Milk is an ultra-modern table designed for the people with an elegant taste.

This is the onlt table in the world wherein you can put your Mac or PC on top of with without revealing the wires.

It is a high gloss lacquer RAL 9016 with a solid MDF table top. The height of the tablecan be adjusted electronically through a button underneath. You can also add a small fish tank!

SawStop table saw

Have you seen SiCKO? Now if the guy who paid 12 grand for his ring finger had a saw stop, that wouldn't happen to him. Why? Because SawStop is the world's safest table saw.

And oh, this one made it to the 4th place: The Safe Bedside Table.

The Safe Bedside Table was designed by http://www.jamesmcadam.co.uk/

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