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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Almost a month-and-a-half had already passed after the 600K Bayanihan SEO contest had commenced and it is really bringing up tough competition between the .com, .biz, and .org websites.

As usual, http://www.paradisephilippines.com/ is still on top of the google search results which brought-up about 1,980,000 pages.

Playing on the 2nd and 3rd spot are http://www.paradisephilippines.biz/ and http://paradise-philippiness.com/ respectively.

What is amazing on this SEO contest is the wide range of blog platforms participating. Some Blogspot blogs as well as a lesser known Blogsome platform, appeared at the first first page of the results, while some other Paradise Philippines .com blogs appeared at the second page.

This clearly indicates how content affects a website's ranking.

While browsing the results page, I came across this blog: http://anti-paradisephilippines.blogspot.com/ which gives a different view of our paradise.

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