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Consider this: Tattooing

Saturday, August 04, 2007

I wanna get a tattoo. I've been contemplating about this for the past 2 weeks and at some point, I even had a design in my mind. But why would I want a tattoo? I dunno, maybe I started to appreciate the art of tattooing ever since I saw Angelina Jolie's. I'm a fan of symbolism and obscured meaning, so maybe that is why I liked her tattoo.

Angelina Jolie tattoo

Her tattoo are map coordinates for the birthplaces of her children. Top-Bottom: Cambodia, Ethiopia, Namibia, Vietnam. You can use Wikimapia to view the location.

So there, let's I am really getting a tattoo, maybe tomorrow. The question is, where should I place it? Somewhere people cannot see it or at a spot where it can be seen in full view? All I know is that it should tell something about me.

Tattoos often tell a story and give insight into the personal character and values of the individual. If that individual enjoys strength and values honor it can be readily seen. If the individual values his comrades that too is displayed in tattoos. Hardships in life and past or present loves are also displayed with great pride. Most tattoos tell a story and some tattoos tell tall tales of what that individual wishes they could be, but is not.

Do your tattoos show strength of character or do they proclaim that you are something that you are not? Telling tall tales on tattoos is serious business and can get you into places you wish to be, but can cause serious issues when they find out you are not as tough as you pretend. For those who wish they were something more, they need to prove it to themselves and others prior to wearing a badge of honor.

For example you're a really geek guy; a tough, geek guy, then the Blue Screen of Death perfectly fits your personality:

But the most important factor, for me is the originality of your design. Tattoo is not a tshirt that you can wear whenever you like and just take it off when you get tired of it (or starts to smell). Tattooing is something that should be considered as a permanent "addition" to your body (although laser technology can erase tattoos).

Consider the image below:

Hmmm.. maybe I should consider the Prison Break tattoo. No?

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