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Karaoke, Friends and Me

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Karaoke machine is one invention that has surely have a place at the hearts of the Filipinos. And like me, I am sure, a 5 peso coin is all it will take for you to take that frown off someone's face. This evening, we went to a karaoke-store. YES! Karaoke-store! A karaoke bar inside a store. Anyways, we had a very good time there, singing songs for ur friend who'd just celebrated her birthday 2 days ago and received the best birthday gift of her life -- well thats what I think. And what was it? A BOY. Someone she LIKES, well, someone she ULTRA MEGA SUPER DUPER LIKES. LOL. I am happy for her, at least with all her hard work for her studies, this guy would come, much like of an inspiration. Cha! I'll now answer Bing's question. Yes. I did saw the spark! And it was on your both eyes! Ha! Imagine that! Anyways. Good luck to your NMAT... I hope I was much of a help. P.S. Bing I've read it. You know what am talking about... He doesnt seem to know what a gerund phrase is.

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