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King Wong

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Right now, I am really tired! And I mean really tired! But still, I haven't gone to bed. That is because my tiredness deserves a small space on this place called the world wide web. Umalis ako ng bahay around 8:45, thinking that my classmates would be early given that the call time is 9:00 am. 9:00 am arrived but still they are no where to be found. I lit a stick cigarette just compensate with my boredom at the bus station. 9:15 -- still haven't arrived, I texted one of 2 of them, one is still on the way and the other had just arrived to their first meeting place. Crystel who happens to be living just a few kilometers away from my house arrived. We've talked about one of our former classmate who dropped out from school to go to work. "She had lost alot of weight!," Crystel said. "Her face had thinned and her hair was all messed up!" Really was the only word I had said. Not that I am not concern with our friend's health, its just that... being vocal that moment is not my thing. Dumating na yung bus na hinihintay namin, sakay na dun yung iba ko pang kasama. Naging maayos naman ang biyahe kahit na medyo siksikan. Then, bumaba kami sa may Lawton, sabi ko kay Haqui na sa SM Manila na namin hintayin si Beverly (siya yung may alam kung saan kami pupunta... mamaya malalaman nyo). Nung pagkasabi ko nagreact agad sya ng medyo negative ang dating para sa 'kin. Parang mainit ang ulo, pero I just let her do her "thing". While walking the road up to SM, I felt an "natural" feeling... in fact it is so natural, it deserves its name "Nature's Fresh" Kiddin'! "Nature's Call"... I started to walk faster, gaining more speed every 15 seconds. At last the facade of the mall came to my eyes and I had succesfully released my tension inside the mall's comfort's. Several minutes later, Beverly arrived. We first ate lunch then went straight to EISA (Eastern Integrated Systems & Automation) our main destination. EISA is like the prime tourist spot for engineering students. Despite its dramatical appearance, a double room apartment with lots of stacked-up boxes and containers. Its major source of air is an electric fan. It has the best technicians in town and a manager popularly known as Mr. Wong. 1:00 pm, Mr. Wong went out to eat and wasn't there said a guy from his office. We went out and waited some 10 minutes outside until he finally came... but sadly he did not entertained us first. I forgot there was a line and we are at the last queue. 2:00 pm and still the group that came in when Mr. Wong has arrived is still inside... 2:30... 3:00... 3:30... Still not our turn. Other groups (customers) are already getting impatient over the situation... at sa ganitong pagkakataon, ang pagiging friendly ng mga Filipino (actually ni Beverly lang) ang umiiral. "Ang tagal noh?," sabi ng isang lalaki kay Bev. [Hindi ko alam kung anong isinagot ni Bev sorry.... ] "Taga saan kayo?" tanong nang lalaki. "Sa Cavite pa...." "Cavite City?" "Oo... :)" "Kala ko taga dyan lang kayo [sabay turo sa likudan niya (cr ang nasa likuran niya)]... " [Mga sweet moments ni Bev with the the guy... medyo hindi namin narining ang usapan eh... pero parang may mga ooohhhhh ahhhh shhheeeetttt! Joke joke joke!] Anyways, sabi nung lalaki, gusto nya raw makita kung ano ang ipapagawa namin, pero parang ayaw ko ipakita... nahihiya ako... kasi alam nyo na... shy type ako. LOLZ! Pero bumigay din ako at binigay ko din yung schematic... chance din 'to diva??!!! So yun tiningnan nila... mega explain ako na feeling naman nila magaling sila.. eh hello?! magpapagawa din kaya sila?! Pero thats ok... tutal naman sobrang bored na kami dun. So after that, back to normal ulit at english mode ulit ang story telling ko. We started slumping at the walls and at the sides, wishing that this would be over... or at least soon. Best solution?! Play the world's paynes intelektuwal ay-kyu geym... Pinoy henyo. We won the game actually, having Crystel and April correctly guessed once, and Haqui guessed correctly once too. Thats 2-1. Several more minutes had past and finally, the group that entered Mr. Wong's office from 1:15 pm till 4:00 is finally done! Pero hindi parin namin turn, yun pang lalaki, nag sign pa siya samin na sila muna, saglit lang daw sila... Tapos, mga ilang minutes (30++ more) pa... salamat at natapos din sila. Kinakabahan ako... feeling ko magdedefense ako. Mabait si Mr Wong, although pinipilit niya ako na wag nang ipagawa sa kanya (I find that weird) ang project namin dahil kaya naman daw namin yun. "Ipapagawa na po namin..." sabi ko habang nakatingin sa isang tray ng mga candy. Gutom na ako at pagod. Pero in the end, we settled up and agreed upon a price of [ask me nalang] . I went to his cashier, paid our downpayment and voila! One problem down, 3 to go!

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