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I Am Sick But I Feel So Alive

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Headache, Tonsilitis, colds and cough. Which ever of the four or combination of it, I am not certain. All I know is that I am not feeling well. But Heavens seems to be on my side for a beautiful irony had come. I am happy. I don't really know the reason and really, I don't even care of it. I feel so alive these past few days. Every morning when I wake up, good thoughts are always the first things that strucks me. I hum a tune or two while I walk to the bus station every morning. I laugh at things at doesn't usually makes me laugh. I now try to smile to every person I know (at least when I saw them). Its like a one day miracle for me -- everything happened so fast that I didn't had time to tell my self that at least I am seeing change(s). Change(s) that took me a year to accomplish... (How I wish this would be the start). Anyways, you might think that I might have this love thing going on, but NO i don't have any mushy-mushy-thingamajigs. I am just Happy.
Anong meron ang taong happy? (2x) a). energy b.) stress

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