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Lost Season 3 Finale: Through the Looking Glass

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I don't know if I liked it or not. I mean before season 3 they told us that this season's going to be all about the Others. We'll know more about them... but season 3 ended and guess what instead of having answers all we've got are all questions.

And what the hell is with the flash forward? Now we know that Jack and Kate got of the island. Jack is a drunkard, pill-popping doctor who can't even do a surgery and even tried to suicide. While kate... we don't know if she's still on the run but his quote made me thinking: "I got to go, he'll be wondering where I am."

And why dis Jack called kate to ask her to go to the funeral? And who the hell is in the coffin? Arrrrgggg! This is really frustrating! And it gets even more frustrating to know that we have to wait till February next year for the season 4. And wait again untill 2010 to find out what happen to the survivors for the 6th and final season.

In the mean while, this episode is kinda kick ass because they got to kill the Others and Jack got to punch Ben in the face! Hahaha.

Ros (the french woman) also met her daughter, Alex!

Continue reading to watch the shocking full season 3 finale of LOST!

Watch "Through the Looking Glass" Full episode here! Registration required.

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