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Facts about Philippine Big Brother's Wendy Valdez

Friday, June 29, 2007

Unedited and Raw.

Facts about Wendy from Pinoy Big Brother

i think even if how hard we try to hide our real "mukha" lalabas at lalabas din to. i know wendy from FEU (my school too) the main reason why she passed her mascomm degree is because she ****ed (sorry for the term) our professor last february. (this is true we have pix and cams) inside the speech laboratory all schoolmates know this. She said she went to japan as a dancer...it is true but she works in a prostitute house there and is charged $150 (pls convert to yen) a night. She had controversial issues in FEU before about her story because she denied this when called to explain herself(kailangan ng FEU na mag background check sa students for school image) sabi ba naman niya "i went to japan as a cultural dancer" may cultural bang inuuwi at binababoy ng mga customer?(confidential files from 2005 feu) IT is true that she is a good person but trust me when i say this.

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she should not deny the fact of her past so she can gain advantage over other people. SHe is NOT POOR. her last boyfriend was a Japanese DOM (62) named Hakimoto Ikita who gave her more than a million pesos. After she got the money she enrolled herself AGAIN IN FEU. this was around 2003. and left her lover to rot in Japan. while she was with the JAP guy. she was engaged sexually with my cousin T.H. Morales. also a student in FEU. reason they broke up. He caught wendy in bed with another DOM. It is sad to admit that my cousin is a shabu addict and so is wendy.they have sessions with drugs and after they have loud *** ( i should know my cousin lives next to me i can hear them). I am not against wendy or anything...and im happy that this might be her next step to changing her bad ways of using people for money...i am just sad that she keeps on making herself look "nakaka awa" to other people on tv so she can get more votes. i just want her to be real and honest of who she is...she is hiding from a beautiful face and a sexy body... all i want is her honesty. I pity Bruce he seems to be a nice guy to fall for someone like wendy...i told you shes an evil genius. she has her ways of convincing people to like her... through her lies and many faces. i bet after big brother and shes a star...she will never look at bruce the same way like shes trying to portray now. She has used a lot of people already...i know miss M guidance councelor. sometimes shes saddened of wendy's personality problem and wendy being a user. if you found this article rude... my apologies if you found this article enlightening...thank you im hoping that the true PBB housemate deserving to win should win...but i hope wendy won't coz she is not deserving to me. thank you... Ma.Kathleen Morales Espiritu

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