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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Personally, I never liked Paris Hilton and her two bitches, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears (Ok, so I did liked Britney but that was waaay back her "Sometimes" days). I agree to what Sarah Silverman had sad during the MTV Movie Awards but at the same time, I felt sorry for Paris.

The moment the camera showed Paris Hilton, smiling in an awkwardly way, I told to my self that Sarah Silverman may have her opinion but not to the extent that she would make fun of someone who is in front of her. And the audience laughed as if we were on the time of Jesus Christ moking a sinner.

She may be a little spoiled rich kid, ok a real spoiled rich kid, but being in that situation in where people would laugh at you and all you can do is to smile (awkwarly) as if you don't care -- and the reality is you really effing care.

So here is the deal, cheeseenbanana asked a question (her opinion followed): "Is anyone else pissed off with Paris Hilton? She is a spoilt rich kid who thinks that laws that the rest of us live by don`t apply to her! To say she never opens her own mail as an excuse to not knowing she had a driving ban is so lame! Get a life paris and enter the real world. Take responsibility for your own actions, like the rest of us. A time inside would do her good."

Here is what the people thinks:

  • "Her life doesn't affect me that much. I've never even stayed at a Hilton hotel. I have met trust fund kids before, and some hate that their parents are wealthy, some are extremely dependant on mom and dad. Too much news on her, not enough on how we're getting out of Iraq or how to lower fuel costs. She's a danger on the road and is going to be on everyone's tax dollar. Needs to be cleaning up the 405 and cut off from cell phones for 45 days." - nightdawgs
  • "She needs to be jailed to stop this RIDICULOUS following she has of teenage girls (my daughter included) who think its ok to be like her... spending daddy's money, breaking the law and showing anyone who wants to look things that should be kept behind closed doors. I am no prude, but somethin needs to be done about this 'woman' as she is hardly what I would call a suitable teenage role model." - tizzy
  • "If the common public stops idolizing them, celebrities will no longer have the power to get away with the harmful and self-indulgent things they do. Celebrities are free to drive while intoxicated, molest, grope, commit manslaughter, brainwash, or murder without consequence, and it's only our fault for shelling out millions to fund their sick disgusting lifestyles." - BigAnswerMan
  • "I so agree! she thinks she's over the law and is some kind of different. she's got money, right, but she's never WORKED! Paris, get on earth. Btw, just imagine Paris in the prison: with no make-up, with no brand clothes, looking the very same as the rest of women there." - lady_of_oxford
  • "She should be made to follow the jail rules and get no privileges. Just because she has money doesn't mean shes above the law, maybe she might come out a nicer person and realise what life is all about instead of prancing about." - PatsyC
  • "I cant stand the way she acts!! Even more so with that stupid Im to beautiful to go to jail bull crap!!! She is the worst celebrity ever!!! It gives me a headache when I think of the small minded ignorant things she says. Her mentallity level must be very low. AHHHHHHHHH!!! I totally agree with everything you say about her. Id like to hit her in the face with brass knuckles if I got the chance. Maby knock some sence into her teeny incy, wincy, little brain." - Jessie W
  • "I am sick of her games trying to get out of jail. She broke the law in more ways than one and anyone... celebrities and the average person alike would be punished the same way she is being punished. Why is she still driving?! Shouldn't her license be suspending again for driving on a suspended license? The people who are supporting Paris Hilton need to speak to the families of people who have lost loved ones because of drunk drivers. Get a reality check people, plus if Paris Hilton wants to experience the "Simple Life" what better place then jail?" - jmrada719
  • "There is a petition that will be sent to all of the tabloid magazines to get them to stop giving her attention. Please sign it so that the next time that I go to the store I don't have to see her face on all of the magazines in the check out line!!!" - kittysoma25 http://www.goawayparis.com/
  • "Damm right the time will do her good!Maybe some time to think is what she needs!It is actually a long time coming.After the DWI she should have been jailed.If she is not jailed and continues her stupid *** behavior how long before some is dead because of her actions?" - terry v
  • "Absolutely. her and Lindsay Lohan. It's unbelievable how much the media fawns all over these pathetic idiots. It's time we turn our TV's off and get a life, and quit giving fools Like Paris hilton attention!" - hendrix
The answer that got 8 boos:
  • "I dont agree with you, she's a celebrity, why do you waste your time thinking about how spoiled paris is? live YOUR life and stop complaining about paris's! the truth is...celebrities dont have to be responsible. that's just how it is. they have people doing everything for them, they have the money, so they dont have to take care of their own stuff." - Paris (I dont know who this Paris may be...)

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