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Perez Hilton is not Pink!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Hollywood celebrities hate him. Paparazzi despise him. He is Perez Hilton, a blogger famous for outing closeted celebrities. Some people even call him “The Internet's most devilish gossip columnist” and call my blog “Hollywood’s Most-Hated Web site.”

When I first landed on his page summer of last year, I didn't found anything interesting, in fact all I found on his page was some paparazzi pics that everyone could access through some cheap magazines and tabloids.

Throughout his internet presence, he'd been not only famous at the internet but to the "real-world" community as well. He had several magazine interviews, I actually had read one through a gay magazine.

One of the thing that he faces except from the hatred of the celebrities are the lawsuits.

Oh well, I guess this is why lawmakers wanted to control blogging.

Perez Hilton also has a Yahoo Answers account, and just recently he asked the people of the web:

"Do closeted celebrities have the right to privacy?"

Pretty interesting question.

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