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Sunday, December 04, 2005

School. Thats one word I love and hate at the same time. Mainly because I met all my friends here, I had alot of good (and bad) memories in my school and also, I have seen my weaknesses here over the past years. But with all these, school works and responsibilities made me hate a part of it. I hate it when homeworks and reports keep me up late at night. I hate it when I my favorite TV shows are on TV but I have to finish something. I hate it when there's just so much to do with so little time. The best example is what I am experiencing now.
I have to finish writing a lab report due on Wednesday, and its not just the lab reports I/we used to do. Its a rewrite of everything from top to bottom, left to right, cover to cover. Great! Just great! Next is, the first chapter of my statistical studies. I have to work on it alone, even though we are a team of two. I'll research it, type it and print it. Then on Tuesday, I'll be hoping my groupmate will be kind enough to at least buy a folder! The software we are going to submit is done, its already functional but still have some flaws on it. -- I'll just say it's still subjected for improvement. On Monday, I have an assignments to pass... lots of it. Then print my web page. Then study for the CISCO exam. See? I am a busy kid.
I guess It would be better if I start working now, than complaining.

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