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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Pictures taken from January 15 to 17, 2007 at Oasis of Prayer, Silang, Cavite during our three day Religious retreat.

The facade of our quarters

COE5 boys at the quarters

Chillin' at around 11:30 PM outside our quarters, we ate e-aji! yum yum!

At my background are the downhill tracks going to the creek.

Another view of the downhill tracks... well this time, it is uphill. hehe. That's

Les and Rej.

We used to stay here last year for your recollection... too bad it was destroyed by Milenyo.

Rej, Bing and Me

Some of my classmates...

While my groupmates are defining the meaning of Life inside that hut. I was outside taking pics! Hehehe!

Inside the dinning hall, this was taken on our first night.

Sharing moments!!! Thank God I didn't cried!

Arwin, the labrador.

That's Arwin and Me... Look at that stupid smile! grrr! hahaha!

A's being a loner... hehehe

Billboard material! Hahaha! That's Icci, Zen, Ert, Gen, Ryel and Bim (me).

Cam whoring at Silang, Cavite

The picture takers got picture taken! (sounds veerrryyy wrong)

Another cam whoring moment...

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