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PVC Canons, Baste Manila and the bubble butts of the Cebuanos

Friday, December 08, 2006

It was in the year 2002 when the first PVC Canon appeared here in my hometown of Noveleta, Cavite. It wasn't popular back then, as far as i could remember, it was rarely seen on the streets and most of the users are kids.

Last year, the PVC canons were featured at ABS-CBN and GMA. Even at the television, the roaring sound of the 1 inch diameter by 1.5 feet long "mini canon" was very loud. Much more if it was the titanic 10 inch diameter by 6 feet long devil.

But really, I am not a fan of these "safe-non-hazardous-eco-friendly" pipes. They really make a loud sound and am not just talking about any other "loud" sound -- I mean LOUD SOUND!

I think I even developed a phobia out of it. Because everytime I see someone spraying denatured alcohol at his canon and started shaking it by holding its shaft, I start to cover my ears, I feel squeamish. It seems like the PVCs makes me insecure. Plus the fact that these PVC devils are devil enough to point the barrel at the buses passing by. I so hate them.


Last Wednesday and Thursday, we attended a two day seminar from IECEP (Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines), the talk was about 3G Technology, VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) Digital Television and other nose bleeding topics.

It was a little boring, but fun never left us. Oh sorry I forgot, WE are the FUN nga pala. Thank goodness. The day one was the busiest, because after "listening" from the speakers, at around 4pm, I went to San Sebastian College Manila, to attend the 3rd OAR Mission Congress and to watch "my kids" perform.

The people at SSC-R de Manila were nice (and cute). I was surprised to discover that they also have Twinbee at their cafeteria. The architecture is much more like the SSC-R de Cavite Canacao Campus but the aura is that of SSC-R Cavite College campus.

While there, we stayed at the PRO's office and chatted a little with the student assistant, whom i forgot to ask the name. In front of their office is their internet lab, which has "genius" mirror wall to keep the kids browsing porn. I envy them because they have the liberty to enter and exit the lab whenever they want to and they can use the PC however long they want. Unlike from Cavite campus' 1 hour limit per use. They can even use YouTube and Yahoo! Messenger. In Cavite, all these services we're banned.


Among the invited Recoletos institution (aside from SSC-R Cavite) are USJ-R Cebu which I am telling you are all goodlooking people and the Recoletos seminary from Baguio.

I remembered Danica gigling over the male USJ-R performers as they dance an Igorot ritual wearing T-backs and a piece of cloth covering their front and behind.

Ang ganda ng pwet!

By 10 pm, we left Manila, even though the cultural presentations have not yet concluded.

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