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March and its underlying stupidity

Friday, March 02, 2007

I need a hero! durudoo duroo duroo doo doo...

OMG! I can't believe na its March already! Which also means I'll be saying goodbye to SSCR in a few weeks time! Which also means I'll be hunting for a job. Which also means I'll be part of the labor force. Which also means I'll be a good citizen. Wow! March sure is interesting!

Anyways, I've notice a lot of bloggers are migrating to either a new platform and a new URL or just a new blog. It also amazes me how much idea they have in think of a new address. I mean, Its dead-hard to think of a new url!

I think the trend today is to have the weirdest URL, meaning, the first time you hear it something weird will pop into your mind.

Nerd, dork, cheezy names, emo, self pitty, idioms -- these are the common genre in blog themes. What the hell is wrong with the blogging community?! Where is the originality... and the classic uniqeness that was so alive last year?

It saddens me, yeah, that this is happening. This is a direct assault to the humanity! Hahaha! kidding!

Anyways, I just need to vent out my two weeks of sleeplesness into words.


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