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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Singing: "I dont need a man" I need a job.

I just sent my resume to QJ and I hope that they call my back to schedule an exam, do the interview and finally give me the job. Ok. ok. I'm assuming too much.

One of their requirement says that applicants should have a strong interest in RPG games, due to the fact that QJ is a Play Station gamer help desk and support web site kind of thing.

I really really really want that job because it is seldom that we get to have a job that supports our hobby. Being a gamer myself for over 9 years, I have used my weekly allowances and sometimes I even make utang just to satisfy my addiction. Now, its time for a pay back.

Isa pa, I'm tired narin dito sa bahay. It's been a month now na wala akong ginagawa dito except for playing online games (FrozenGladeRO) and watching DVDs via my new acquired DVD player. LOL.

Actually there are a lot of job opening. jobstreet.com sends me like everyday a list of call center position.

That 13 letter word

I couldn't wait for at least another month waiting for the 3rd season of LOST to be aired on the local airwaves. Although I've already seen the first few episodes, thanks to PeekVid.com I'd still would want to watch it for the second time.

Having nothing to do, gives me the opportunity to have a lot to do. Confusing? Yeah. Since I am no longer a slave for my organization responsibilities I can now doze off with a whole day of entertainment. Music, movies, series, games.... All with different form but with the same goal-- to be entertained. [Why does it feels like I'm beating around the bush???]

One of the local show that I watch (at least without having nausea) is PBB. And according to this media clip, there will be a swap of housemate between the Philippines and Slovenia. One housemate from will live at the Slovenian BBhouse for a week. In return, a housemate from Slovenia will live at PBB. The swap will happen at April 19.

Another reality TV show here is Star Struck. Which for my opinion, isn't that popular unlike its first season. Although the show is not that successful, Mart seems to rise above others.

Thanks to: mi4 for the teaser pic.

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