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Team Pilipinas: Filipinos Worldwide Appeal to FIBA | A Signature Campaign

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Let Team Pilipinas play!

I must admit, this one is a really nice artwork. Photo courtesy of Nike Basketball.

But what more important is that our team must be admitted to the Fédération Internationale de Basketball (I love French).

The Philippines were once the basketball kings of Asia. To date, only the Philippines remain to be the only country in Asia to have ever landed a Bronze Medal (Top Three) in the World Basketball Championships. The best Top Five finish in the history of the Olympics Basketball games has never been done by any country in Asia except for the Philippines. Filipino fans stand to unite to help the Philippine National Basketball Team once more fulfill this feat and again relive the Asian Gold Medal Dream.

However, feuds between the Philippine Olympic Committee and the BAP prevents them from joining the FIBA Asian Championship. It was all a verbal war... tsk tsk tsk...

Let us all leave the talking to them and just support our team.

Help raise the signature support campaign for our very own Team Pilipinas. Help prove to the world that the Philippines is a basketball loving country. Please make your comments formal. We are here to support the RP National Team. Please kindly fill all the data entries as much as possible. Click the image below:

Credits: philippinebasketballteam.it.tt

If you like this entry, please dont forget to Digg it. Feel free to use the Linkback function to link this post to your entry. And if you are kind enough, please Linkback this page to support the RP National Team. Go Team Pilipinas!

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