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Caroling Impromptu

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

December is the month everyone seems to be anticipating (well except for those who have a bunch of inaanaks), with all the lights in the the streets, cool breeze of the night and carolers roaming for the right house to sing their Christmas carols. If I am to be classified, I would fall under the carolers class. Not just any caroler... an impromptu caroler! Now, I am sure you haven't heard this before... let me explain it to you further.
Earlier this afternoon, we went singing on a karaoker machine which lasted for about 4 hours! After that, we are about to go home when Juvy, out-of-no-where, suggested that we go caroling. We all agreed to her idea, even though we are all 20 year old college students. We had no preparation. No practice. Just the line up of popular Christmas carols
I was hysterical at first. Imagine, it was my first caroling. We got 30 pesos for the first house we sang at. We walked from Sta cruz to Caridad then Cabuco (i think) then lopez jaena. My legs got really tired! But it was fun! Haha! I never thought impromptu was fun! Well... I guess everythings fun when you do it with friends.

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