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Miss Universe 2007: Predictions and More

Monday, May 28, 2007

The Top 15

15. Slovak Republic

14. Switzerland

13. Peru

12. New Zealand

11. United States

10. Korea

09. Spain

08. Puerto Rico

07. Costa Rica

06. Dominican Republic

05. South Africa

04. Mexico

03. Venezuela

02. Brazil

01. Italy

Pics of my favorite National Costumes.

What I love about Ms. South Africa is that she looks so modern but then in touch with the African culture. The neck and arm rings are very African as well as the animal skin bottoms (animal rights activist? yooohooo). The color of her clothes compliments with her blonde hair. Alluring.

According to Ric from missosology.org, our Ms. Philippines is one of the contestant to watch out for. Too bad she didn't made it to the Top 15 Ms Universe predictions list. She made it or not, she's competing anyways! And with her black Filipiniana accented with flower prints, she will surely be a winner one way or the other. For me, the dark make-up busted thw whole effect of the Filipina beauty, she also looks kind of Spanish with her feather mask. But in the totality, she is stunning! Just look how she projects -- and her finger!

Oh yeah. Ms. Mexico captured me. I love her sombrero. Just like Ms. Philippines, I didn't liked her dark make-up. If only there is an award for Best Smile, Ms. Mexico would surely win that award!

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