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Who really deserves the Universe in her Hands?

Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Blogosphere had spoken!

Miss Japan Riyo Mori poses at Mexico City May 16

Here is what they've been asked: "Is Miss Universe 2007, Riyo Mori beautiful?"

Lauren Brooke thinks not really. She also added that she can't believe Japan Won.

"No, i think Brazil or USA should have won instead of Japan" says Salvy Angel.

Cococinnamon told us "She did exhibit confidence, but her answer to the superhero question was HORRIBLE!!! I was really suprised when she won."

Marinka124 added that she think they are all beautifull, but from the final 5 I liked brazil the most as well.

CK's 2 cents: "I thought Japan was the worst out of the bunch. I couldn't believe that she won. I didn't find her attractive at all, her answer to the question was definitely not the best answer, and she just didn't present herself as well as some others. I had hoped that Brazil, Venezuela, or USA could've won instead."

Jess agreed with CK and added that Miss Brazil should have won! NOT Japan! She sucks! lol

The next one is from I love i love, I gave her a thumbs up with her answer: "GOODNESS, why does everybody ONLY focus on outer beauty?

I think she was very cute & bubbly and had a fun personality which ultimately won over the judges. She didn't have to be the most gorgeous person on earth to win, as obviously was seen before in the past. It's the whole package, not just her face. Sheesh.

It's time to start looking at the beauty of DIVERSITY instead of sticking to the "HAWT, SEXY OMG SUPERHAWT" image that miss universe and the freaking media have been portraying for SO many years. SO many times have USA, white-based countries and latina countries won, when other countries just seem to always "lack" what's seen as "beautiful" universally. Wake up and smell the coffee. If you're only willing to except ONE and ONLY ONE image of beauty in your mind, you need some serious help."

Filipina answerer Stella said that she think the winner should be brazil or usa. they have the best answers. "I'm just wondering why japan won. i think she should be the 4th runner up. I have read some commentaries that japanese endorsements and sponsorships might have the final say on the pageant. ooops.

I think it should be miss brazil, no doubt. I have Miss Japan's answer's dancing blah blah blah. Is that what it takes to be a Miss Universe? Nah. The worst answer I have ever heard.

Im from Asia, specially from the Philippines. But I think Brazil should have won. But im happy Miss Philippines got the Miss Photogenic award again. ha ha"

How 'bout you? Share us your 2 cents!

More people from the internet reviews to come!

Miss Universe Official website.

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