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Friday, December 09, 2005

We all have our own problems, may it be in our studies, love, problems at home or the simple things we can't just accept. We are humans and we are vulnerable -- to get hurt, to get affected. But with all these things happening, all in fast phases... It will only take a few minutes to ponder why we are here, standing and seemingly to be alone. I tell you, we are not.
"Problems are not meant to break us, it is meant to bent us towards God."
I first read that quote from a calendar way back during my highschool days. And 'till now, that quotation is my sword and shield. Whenever I am down, I always think of that quote -- that he is just trying to communicate, trying to tell me that I am going astray. Personally, I am not a religious person, but I do believe in God... (very much), and I also believe in miracles. That only shows me being more human... That I can't do all things, or should i say anything without Him. This afternoon, I pondered on many things. One thing was Me being me. I love my self, but I am not satisfied. Again, that is another part of me being human. Many people thought that I am conceited, that I am hard to be with (or go by), and I asked my self, is who I am really who I am? Or am i fabricating a lie that I myself believed?
"Pag ba sinabi kong mahal din kita happy ending na ba tayo?"
Another thing that I pondered this afternoon was Love. (I will explain this as general as possible.) Everybody needs somebody. True. But does it mean, somebody to be with when you go watch a movie? or somebody to be with when you get laid off from your work, or even somebody to be with... just to be with? Love is so, universal, that there is no right excuses nor wrong. It will be just give and take, give and take, give and take, give and take. Be fair. I remembered a quote from a goverment secretary, she said.
"Truth must always prevail and justice served, even though heavens might seem to fall."
Why can't we tell that someone, the truth? Yes it will hurt to him/her and to you (maybe). But its the way of being fair. You have no feelings for him/her? Tell that person. You really like him/her? tell that person! We can't predict the future... and we must learn from our past. We don't need to be a rocket scientist just to love someone, again, love is universal. No exact point of correctness. One last thing I pondered this afternoon was pride. Everyone has it. A big ball of air circling around our head with ropes tied around our body, constantly trying to pull us away from the ground. The easiest way to eliminate pride is to swallow it. It is just ironic that often, prides are bigger than our heads. Anyways... thats all what I had think of. Goodnight Green fields... Goodnight! Parting is such a sweet song that I shall say good night.... etchos! LOL!

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