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iPhone Hits the Market June 29

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

No one had ever imagined it. Even the photoshop genuises failed to conceptualized at least near to what we know today. Its the Apple iPhone. A phone that is also a multimedia player and an internet device -- or a multimedia player that is also an internet device and a phone -- or you can imagine what I am trying to say right?

But on June 29, consumers need no longer to imagine for iPhone is set to hits the stores this day. To furthur attract buyers, Apple has released 3 commercials that's been calling most of our attention.

Other commercials: Calamari | This is How

But not all of us are impressed with this sleek gadget. The Blogosphere was asked if they would buy an iPhone, and this is what they answered:

Hell no! It's overpriced and overrated. Why pay $500 for a phone with a 4GB mp3 player, when you can buy a $100 cell phone and 30GB iPod Video for around $350? I have a Samsung t629 that was $99.99, and a 30GB iPod Video that was $248.44. Both cost $348.43 before tax, and I have MUCH more storage than both of the iPhones.

No because i have an ipod for an ipod.. a digital camera for a camera and a cell phone for what its intended to be a cellular phone... Why would anyone want that very expensive phone and if one of the features breaks such as the camera ,, then it ruins your whole phone .. also with it having so many features if could disrupt your coverage and or signal...

No I think it will be very cool but I can't afford the monthly fees. My daughter used to have the bill over $200 a month.

iPhones which cost $499-$599 are expected to be sold to over 1 Million potential buyers according to AT&T COO Randall L. Stephenson.

Video Credit: Gizmodo

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