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Alicia Mayer and Raymond Bagatsing on GoVeg.com

Thursday, June 07, 2007

vote for the world sexiest vegetarian celebrity

For an omnivore like me (someone who eats meat and plant), feasting on carrot sticks, cucumber and lettuce would take a little bit more courage compare to Alicia Mayer and Raymond Bagatsing who is nominated for being one of the sexiest vegetarian celebrities.

We couldn’t possibly pick our favorite Hollywood hottie with a heart—they’re all winners to us—so we need your help to crown the veggie king and queen in PETA’s seventh annual “World’s Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity” poll.

Although most of us haven't heard this annual poll before, its been going on for years. And the first celebrity to hold the title as the World's Sexiest Vegetarian is no other than miss Shania Twain.

Awarded in 2001 by PETA.org voters, Shania revealed that she dont eat meat, fish, or eggs. "I was never a big meat-eater, but I've got more energy now," said Shania, who hasn't eaten an animal since she married longtime vegetarian (and record producer) Mutt Lange in 1993. Her favorite food is pasta, and she says, "I eat a lot of tofu, and I drink soy shakes with fruit every morning. I always have soybeans, black beans, or chickpeas for lunch or dinner."

Meanwhile a newcomer on the vegetarian scene is Alicia Mayer who clearly show on this video that she is indeed the sexiest international vegetarian celebrity. Lettuce bikini anyone?!

Past winners includes 2002: Tobey Maguire, 2003: Lauren Bush, 2004: Alicia Silverstone, 2005: Country crooner and American Idol winner Carrie Underwood.

Voting portal is here and PETA.org is here.

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