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Paris Hilton Ripped by Sarah Silverman

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I don't know how to react on Sarah Silverman's "patuchada" with Paris Hilton. It was quite a slack but it hits a good amount of guts.

I wasn't able to watch this year's MTV Movie Awards because we are currently uber-poor (like we can now only afford 4 KFC bucket meals and 2 family size pizzas on a movie friday night -- huhu) and MTV Philippines is no where to be seen on the frequency.

Good thing ALOT of people uploaded this clip at YouTube and I had a glimpse of what happened that night.

Sarah was unstoppable! I best laughed at the part where she says "They made famous vaginas even famouser... I see 3 vaginas -- oh Tobey Maguire sorry 4 vaginas!" And I was like -- LMAO!

As for Lindsay Lohan, well she really is a rude little pig. I know it from the start thats why I never liked her. And the rivalry between Lindsay and Hillary Duff, geez I bet Lindsay faked her comments on interviews.

And for Paris... Well atleast you are getting special treatment inside the jail. Haha. Bars looking like penises are awesome! LOL. Imagine how envy the homo inmates are gonna get when they hear about this!

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