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ABS-CBN's "Gokada Go!"

Friday, June 08, 2007

Gokada Go replaces ABS-CBN's Let's Go as their Saturday afternoon teen comedy flick last June 2, 2007.

Gokada Go has a lesser 6 main casts compare to Let's Go's 12 casts all with different personalites.

The main story line of the series is finding a family through friends. And Gokada is a one big family. Eventually characters will find love, romance and relationship through their shared journey.

Comedy teen flicks are the usual Saturday afternoon Filipino TV, so expect that Gokada Go wouldn't be different from the others.

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Gokada Go cast:

Gerald Anderson as Gabriel "Gab" Fernandez - a working student from Cebu who is also arrogant. A walking paradox himself, Gabriel exudes the bad boy image but secretly cries when he hears his and his ex-girlfriend’s theme song.

Kim Chiu as Melody Go - an accounting major who is an interior designer at heart. A walking contradiction, the pretty genius is obsessed with her feng shui and horoscope but there is a problem—she brings nothing but bad luck to Gabriel, and she doesn’t know it.

Matteo Guidicelli a cebuano kart racer, designated 2004 Karter of the year plays the role of Matteo.

Gina Pareño as Ms. Gina - she plays the nasty, naughty and funny new dorm manager.

Former Let's Go casts includes Junniper , Bob , Bangs , Alex playing the same role they did on the series.

Gokada Pics

Gokada Go is aired every Saturday afternoon at ABS-CBN.

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