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Beautiful Disaster (random title)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bloody! That’s what happened today! I never thought 4th year would be this hard. During my high school days, exams are really hard and we have to read pages and pages of books but we survived it… Although there were some constant complaints, we managed anyways. Four years later, déjà vu is on sight. One reason why I like Engineering (in a way) is that because we I don’t have to push to my brain words and terminologies. Although am not bad in memorizing, the fact that I have to read at least a hundred pages for a single subject then the next day we’re going to have an exam. I mean, there so much to read and understand, I don’t know already where to start. I have to understand this, and be able to tell why that… College life is really a torture. You not probably agree with me… I know… but come to think of it, why do teachers have to be like our master?! I mean, we are their students but they seems to be forgetting something… we are also paying costumers. You know. It’s just my opinion. Hmmm… Maybe I am just really tired of doing the same thing over and over again. At least the Christmas vacation is already near and come Friday, I and my friends are going to a small pool party. You now, we need to unwind a little after these pesky prelims. Good luck to my self and to my friends. That would be the only ace we’ve got… well of course except for studying. :smile:

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