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Why honesty is the best policy

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Philippines is a land of high contrasts. Few very rich people living in a mansion at an exclusive village while many are living at slum areas that looks like a rectangular pile of thrash in long view. Uber-beautiful paradises like the El Nido in Palawan and the mountains of garbage at payatas. Politicians are either demons or angels. Its all black and white here. Despite of my nation's poverty there is still a little girl that doesn't hesitate to be honest... even with P300,000 at hand. She did not spent a single centavo from the bag that contains checks and cash that fell from a messenger's motorbike. Instead, she called the attention of the media to send a message to its owner. She had succesfully returned the money to its owner. It happened that the owner of that is money is a computer shop owner, so as a reward he gave her a complete PC set. Not only that, she also received a VIP ticket to watch Mulawin (the movie) with no other than Mulawin's star Angel Locsin! She also received a full college scholarship from STI college... and it doesn't stop there! Since she's still at grade school, she will also be recieving a full year supply of school materials and supplies courtesy of the Department of Education! She also received a plaque from the said Department. If only government employees and politicians are as honest as she is...

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