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My 20th Christmas

Sunday, December 25, 2005

First of all Merry Christmas to the one whos reading this, having you here in my small site is enough gift for me this season of sharing and giving. I started my Christmas celebration with a midnight mass of the Christmas eve. The church was decorated with a stage-like scene of Virgin Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus at the center. There were also sheeps scatered around the front of the church. Despite of our earliness there were still limited seats available. We sat at the right wing perpendicular to the choir and started to look for someone I know. I spotted my cousin with her husband, I stopped for awhile consulting my insides if I will greet her, and I decided not to -- she was several feet way from us and her sight doesn't come my way. I pulled a coffee candy from my pocket and nibble on it, the aroma of the solid coffee comforted me for a while... The mass started with the ussual Christmas tradition of short play depicting Mary and Joseph's struggle to find a shelter to stay. It was rubbish. If you'll ask my opinion... I did not like their presentation. But still I clapped. I clapped because at least they had shown their effort. One of the Filipino thing during Christmas is flaunting new clothes... almost everything is new (aside from the person). One lady were even wearing a tube top top match her tight pants -- I thought, wow! She must be really close to God, to let her come to His house with that outfit. But who am i to judge people?! I am not the one who fed them when they was a child... I have no right... Speaking of rights... Does anyone have the right to make noises during Holy Mass? I think no, the kids at my back think otherwise. At out of no-where I murmured "Stupid Bitches"... I commited a sin during a mass... during which the feast is about Jesus being born... I felt numb. ok maybe iam over acting on this one, but hey! This is a one year event! They started gigling and doing alot of kids stuff which i could not stand. Hmmmm.... Kids, maybe I am just really growing old. I wonder what would happen at my 21st Christmas on this planet calle Earth.

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