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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

OMG! At last! I can finally slow down. Exam week is over and i am really looking forward for a long vacation. Something that would not just unwind me but overhaul me! Second term is really annoying, lots of things to do... and I just remebered, there will be things on my mind even though it will be vacation. I dont want to ruin anyone's mood, so am not going to elaborate on that. I plan this Christmas vacation to be worthwhile... I mean I dont want to waste time just sitting around and waiting for nothing. I think I would practice HTML and study Assembly. Actually I am not sure if my plans would go well... but I will do my best. This coming Friday, me and my friends will be having a pool party and exchange gifts (we are doing this for 4 years now). April is suspecting that i picked her name... hahaha! she's all wrong! I had been giving wrong clues to her and Rejie. And also, I managed to act like I am uneasy with her whenever we talk obout our monitas... Now that I already know what to give **************, all i have to do is go to a mall and buy it. No wrapping is needed i guess. Paper bag will do. haha. How i wish i would receive a good gift this year... I am not saying that I received bad gifts from the recent years... I just wanted a better one.

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