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Friday the 16th

Monday, December 19, 2005

It was 10:30 am on a Friday morning; the weather hasn’t been better yet for the last four or three days. Going down the pool is a no-no today if I wouldn’t like to get hypothermia. I stood next to the door and looked outside the windows trying to observe the sky. It was gray and dull. The sun wasn’t shining and is hidden at a thick fluff of clouds. Suddenly a cool breeze swarm the room as it enters through the open door. I closed my eyes trying to concentrate on what I was feeling - an unbearable somberness. It was a sad Friday morning. Several minutes had past which felt like hours. Quarter past ten and I ‘am not yet ready. “Ma,” I started. “I’ll take a shower.” She did not reply on what I had said, its not that I expect her to. I took a short shower and got dressed. I arranged my bag and took my money. Minutes later, I disappeared from our house. As I walk the road from our house to the bus terminal, a mild rain shower poured. I did not mind this because I would get wet anyway. I hailed a bus and sat. I lit up a cigarette and draw in the smoke it has. This small stick could at least make me feel better. It could at least stay with me when I feel sad. I can already see my destination. I am getting nervous with no reason at all. I pulled my right hand from my pocket and pressed the ‘stop’ button. The bus immediately stopped. I started walking again; the rain had already stopped… I summoned all the memories I had many years ago trying to remember the exact location of where I am supposed to be going. I saw a wide-opened gate and suddenly it struck my mind. “This is the place,” I told myself. The place seemed to be deserted, it was all quite… almost as sad as I am feeling that moment. “Is this the place where I am to have fun?” I asked my self and continued walking. Fifty feet away from me, I saw a group of college people waving their hands with big smiles at their faces. I smiled and could almost laugh with their endless waves. They are my friends, waiting outside a resort. I felt like this Friday morning isn’t over yet and it could still be better. In fact… I am aiming for it to be the best.

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