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Friday, March 17, 2006

"Ma'am, you have to press both buttons at the same time. In that way, the cuircuit will be able to analyze which button was pressed the faster." I said. Everyone seems to be alot quiet at this moment. Or is it just because I can only hear my heart pounding. "Ma'am, as you can see, this part of the cuicuit is the one responsible for the display. It counts the binary digits that was sent to its input from the player's switches," I continued explaining. "And the out put of the counter will be sent to B, C, D, G of the seven segment." My professor continued pressing the two buttons, while carefully examining the circuit. She also squints at times to read the IC labels. "Was this photo-etched?" she asked. "Yes ma'am..." I answered. "Was it your older brother who etched it?" I asked April. I saw several of my classmates turn down their heads. Trying to hide whatever they need to hide. After some seconds of silence, my proffesor announced that we're done. A big smile shone at my face. My heart leapt about a mile (I guess). Its done.

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