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Erase and Rewind: The Story Behind the Title

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hindi man ganong ka-catchy and titulo ng blog ko, it tells alot about me and about the content. Lookback: Since I first used the internet about 8 years ago, I always have this dream of building my own page in the internet. Altough I had several tries which sadly failed. I never lost my interest. I joined Xanga in 2004 and that became my first ever weblog. But Xanga never gave me the "needs" that I wanted for my blog... So, I stopped using xanga... I stopped blogging. Then came Friendster's Blog. I told my self, that, that would be my last blog account. I'll stick to it. And I did... well for at least half a year. And since Friendster's interface can't be customized and no user add-ons can be added... I got bored. By November, I am eyeing blogspot to migrate all my rants at. And what can I say... been here for 3+ months now. The names: I would really love it if my url is http://eraseandrewind.blogspot.com but its already taken... so I tried others... but it makes no sense to me... and I wouldn't want to have an url like: memoriesofrobby.blogspot.com or realitybites.blogspot.com etc. Actually it was a hollywood celebrity who game me the idea andwalkaway.blogspot.com. It was Kelly Clarkson and her song "Walk Away"... just walk away... just walk away... if you dont have the answer... walk away... For the Record: I guess, you already know what I mean... (nah I guess you don't). Erase and Rewind... hmmm... Its like regreting some things and you wanted to change it. You wanted to erase your mistake by going back to time. Erase and Rewind may also mean something that you wanted to forget, i.e. things, situation, person. Actually, I dont want to absolutely define my blog, for doing so, I'll be setting limitations... Recent changes: I just opened another blog, also here in blogspot, to be my splash page. I think its already working now... Its just a fancy "Erase and Rewind" thingamajigs... Its here. But the url is not yet final, I'll be announcing it later. You'll notice that there is an Adult page warning... That is because, some of the pictures here are suggestive and some of my post are... what else... for adults. Last Words: Although, blogging is legal in the Philippines and there is no law regarding what we write in our blogs... Lets us always keep in our mind that, yes, we have freedom of expression, but that is not absolute, especially when we are forgetting about others' rights. So, yan po ang Erase and Rewind... p.s. Erase and rewind is also one of my favorite The Cardigans song.

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