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Friday, March 03, 2006

March! This is the month that for some reason, I don't like that much. There's alot of school works to be done - mostly rushed. People seems to be enjoying so much because its the end of their school days, which makes me feel... uncomfortable. Thesis, Feasibility Studies and Design Projects are the common scenes among the graduatings. About an inch or more of bundled papers, thousands worth of electronics. The aura of March just irritates me. An hour ago, I was deeply concentrating on my HTML project. And to tell, I am really liking the output. I wouln't say that its been greatly done, but I like it. Tomorrow, I'll continue working with that and come 2 pm in the afternoon, I'll be heading to Bing's place to help her with the floor plan construction via AutoCAD. The last time I used AutoCAD was 2 years ago... I hope I still know how to zap that ware. One more reason why I don't like March is because of the weather. Philippines by this time of the year becomes a toaster and we are the buns.

I am kinda tamad today. I went to school early this morning, hoping to see someone I only to get to see in my dreams... (drama) At my right hand is my 16-pages report about MEPIS. They called MEPIS "The Software with an Attitude." Today, I'll show some attitude. How? By not attending my 4-pm class... A 3 hour talk about metals, somekind of material and some more of I can't even comprehend. Attitude... Attitude... more like of my katamaran working. And oh, I would never ever smoke a Red again! Never!

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