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Philippines Hits Jackpot

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Philippines Hits Jackpot! So yesterday was a big shezzo around the Metro. Rallies everywhere. This is what Filipinos (mostly Manilenos) are good at - kicking some president's butt out of office. They are very selfish. Patriots as they call themselves... rubbish! I call them "Social Rats." The best term I could think of.
What are they fighting for? Are they still fighting for the 2004 election lost of Mr. Poe? Are they still fighting for the last year’s "Garci Wiretaps?" Or the alleged cheating of Pres. Arroyo? Rubbish! I know the 12% EVAT is a burden for most of us (that includes me). But with the financial state of our republic, we need that money! Just like "Mr. Palengke" have told a reporter, prices shouldn’t increase that dramatically. But with all the prices rising, I think its just one of the Filipinos traits coming out – mapagsamantala. Mapagsamantala is also a good word to describe the people who marched yesterday... fighting for nothing special and doing no good except for flopping the peso for its another low. Mapagsamantala is also a good word to describe the military men who abandoned their post and fight with the social rats.
Would you like a new president? The social rats yesterday might answer yes. The reason? - Because, they are selfish and they are not thinking. Can’t they imagine what it would be if suddenly a leader is unseated and a new power prevails? I'll give you an example... In a normal election period, once the votes are count and a winner was announced, the current, let say, Mayor would not immediately leave his/her office. There would be a transition period wherein the old Mayor would be step by step leaves his office making sure no work is left behind while the new Mayor step by step enters his office making sure his plans and the old mayor’s unfinished plans and works are synchronized. This transition period takes about a month or two. But with the rebellion, rallies and attempt to unseat our President in hours, I wonder what Philippines would be.
Being patriot doesn't always mean you have to march on the streets… That is not patriotic as it may do good to some, it will do harm to most. Being patriot doesn't always mean you have to think of every Filipino who doesn’t eat 3 meals a day. No... it shouldn’t be like that. Patriot men doesn't shout... they act. Patriot men doesn't march... they stand.
When will we learn?

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