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When Parting is Knocking at Our Door.

Friday, March 24, 2006

The doctor, pushed the tube from my grandfather's nostrils untill it reached his stomach. A tear dropped from my grandafather's eyes, while trying to grasp for air. His withering body, had stopped from seizing, after an unexpected dehydration. He was given a 48-hour dose of sleep-inducer. This would help him from his endless bodily jerking. A brain-enhancer, electrolytes, and hemoglobin is now part of the hang-on's that seemingly watches over him 24/7.
"Melen," my grandfather called her daugther. It was about 2 months ago when this happened. "Listen, when I die... I dont want an expensive casket." He continued.
My aunt didn't replied. She was used by my gramp's drama and death parting words. Last Wednesday, I was shocked. I visited him at his house... The door of his room was closed, to prevent the cool air from the AC system that is required to be servicing him for 24/7, to escape. I entered the room, and saw my mom beside him. She was holding his hands trying to control some of his never-ending jerks. I sat at the edge of the folding-bed that was placed at the bedside. My heart leapt. He was there, thin, a tube inserted to his nose as for a means of eating, another tube for his oxygen. I walked up to his bed and hold his hands, it was very dry and frail. I placed the top of his hands at my forehead.
His breathing is labored, my grandfather is dying.
This would be the first time, that one parting is knocking at our door... by this time we still don't know if we'll open it. All we know, is that my loving gramps is suffering.

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