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Holy Smokes!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Holy Word!

"The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong." (Gandhi)

OK, So sorry seems to be the hardest word. Fine... But isn't it accepting apologies as hard as saying it? Or the glory of having someone swallow their pride for you enough to render one an acceptance?

I myself do not ask for forgiveness. It's either I let the fault pass or I really do not have a fault -- Or maybe my pride as of now is just telling me that. I do not know.

Last time I had a major-major away was last February when I was tasked to organize a float for a parade. The head organizer told me that we'll be needing a muse to hold a banner in which it will be per section. So I asked one of my classmate to be the muse for our section. She relented at first, but decided to accept it. It's not a major event that she'll needed to be on a bongga outfit.

Parade day came. She called me early morning asking if it's fine for me for her to be on a , rather, more casual outfit. Fine. Minutes before the parade the banner that she's supposed to be holding -- she and the escort, is still nowhere to be found. So I rushed inside the gym, trying to look for my adviser. I found her and took the banner. I returned from where I came, and asked my escort and muse to hold it. My bloodpressure rised when she changes her facial expression from a happy-morning-weepee to a Huh-do-i-really-have-to-do-this-? look.

"Ayaw mo ba? -- O sige wag ka na!"

I was really in a bad mood while marching the parade. I was checking the attendance then, and marked all those people 'absent' if I think they make kampi with her. My org. president approached me to asked something but I did not answer any of his question my eye was focused on the road -- eyebrowse almost touched each other and my face was really pointed.

At the end of the day... she texted me asking for apology. At first I was thinking of making it a big issue like making our barkada broke-up and things, but decided that Ang isang mali ay hindi naitatama ng isa pang mali. So we're friends again. May nabago ba? Maybe...

Holy School!

"Everyone has a right to a university degree in America, even if it's in Hamburger Technology." (Clive James)

I've been thinking about my life after college, since it's just only 10 holy-motha-fuckin months away.

What would I be then? Surely I'll be looking for a job with decent salary. Would I start dating again? Maybe... who knows, but if I were asked -- Yes, I would love to go into that stage again.

Would I accept a job at a call center? I can't answer this right now. Would I be into a hamburger technology? ~chuckles~ Would my co-workers be nice to me? I hope. Would I choose to still live with my parents? Most probably. But am really ~wanting~ to be off their fences and into the independent world.

A few days ago, a made myself a letter, through FutureMe.org. That letter will arrive sometime in May of 2015. By that time I'm 29 years old. Probably married -- or not. Living in a 10 door mansion south of Beverly Hills, CA. Owner of some fancy automation/computer company or better the biggest rival of Bill Gates! Lol! Dreaming is soooo fun! I want to dream about me and that person all day! OK enough.

Before planning about tomorrow, why not face today? Study hard Mr. Robby Mortel! Dreams will remain dreams unless you start moving your feet towards it. Ika nga ni Thoreau "Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake."

Holy Heart!

"Love and eggs are best when they are fresh."

I have a eekie leekie feeling that you are thinking about the other ~egg~. No not that! I mean the real egg! Egg -- egg!

So I've been reading a lot of emo-love-hurts-oh-God-why-me?! posts lately. Sure sure! I am one of them. But that post with a short conversation of -- *supposed* to be me and *that person* is purely fictional. It never happened. -- OK, I guess am putting alot of deal with it.

Lem'me concentrate on what I wanted to say: LOVE is a word that is made of two consonats, two vowels and two fools. and those fools eventually will fall out of love -- worst, they even might stumble out of it.

Now, I dont want to be a player-type-blogger-who-knows-it-all, and really I don't KNOW anything at all! But still, one needs not to be educated about love and caring unless he was thought of hatred... Gladly, my humble mom only thought me to be a fuckingly good boy (I think my nose just grew a tad), with that said, please, ladies and gentlemen, blogging community, people of the Philippines, let us all welcome Robby's opinion!

Tatagalugin ko to... hehe... Ang puso ay hindi natin kailangan laging ilagay sa sitwasyon na kung saan ay pakiramdam natin ay iibig tayo. Totoo, hindi ako eksperto pagdating jan... pero hindi naman ako eng-eng. Hindi mo naman siguro kailangang pumasok sa mga alam mong magiging short lived relation kung mahal mo ang iyong sarili. Pero , may nabasa ako sabi ang mga tao daw ay natutuo sa mga mali nila. So naguguluhan ako. Haha! Last year, I found my self being stupid again... alam mo yun... ayoko namang ikwento dito dahil ayokong maging cheezy-meaty-blog ang bahay ko. May friend ako, she has this intuition na niloloko sya na nung guy and they are in on-off relationship. Pero, hell! nalalampasan naman nila. May mga tao namang masyadong looks lang ang hinahanap... I mean... pano naman kaming mga panget?! OK.... so... hindi na opinyon tong naitatype ko.

Back to topic: Love is something we do not mess with... Always play at the safe side. Be nice and honest and kung niloko ka man, at least you know to your self that you've fairly played your role in this ~game~ of love.

Holy Truth!

"Ah OO! Yan Nga!

So somewhere within this post... ni reveal ko ang aking tunay na pangalan... Yeah... Feel ko lang. Maswerte ang makakabasa nyan, coz i'll be editing this post in a couple of days. ~winks~

Medyo mahaba... pero inaasahan ko parin ang comments nyo.

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