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Ma yoak Inse

Monday, May 15, 2006


No, this is not one of those riddle that I've asked you to solve. I'm pertaining to my feeling as of this moment. And it is weird. When I woke up this morning, I was feeling alright and a bit lively than normal, maybe due to last night's lower temperature. But it all changed later this afternoon. Really weird! I my self cannot distinguish it if it is something physical or emotional. Am sure this is not because of the tension that my professor is giving us -- ah, my finals will be tomorrow.

"Parang may masakit sa katawan ko, na parang disturbed ako." My back aches, maybe because of the hours I spend in front of my PC. But that would be farfetched cause am also experiencing some mental/emotional disturbance. No! am not going crazy! Just like what I've told you, its weird.

"But that would be farfetched cause am also experiencing some mental/emotional disturbance."

Tomorrow's our final exam! Am really hoping that I could answer all of the 9 problems. Why do I have to study stress, strain, torsion moment and ugghh, God knows other topics, when tonight -- tonight -- is the season finale of LOST! And with all this oddity happening to me... I hope I'll never have to Erase and Rewind all over again!

Can someone wish this guy a goodluck???

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