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Saturday, May 13, 2006


No other word can describe what I've read last night -- but shit. Oh well,yeah there are some ineffective euphemisms I can use like; trying, irritating, demanding, difficult and who would forgot to include in the list the word 'annoying'? The word shit works best.

The following could be a real torment for those who received love and support from their family/friends. The construction of words and phrases below does not exactly match that of the original.

Like how bobo can you get naman pare? My stupid mom hired an old, ancient, elderly, aged driver! I really wanna lipat bansa na like in Singapore or in Australia, but really pare we are not that rich to afford even a pamasahe to boracay -- which I haven't mentioned to you pare is puro baho like there are some living organisms at the sand -- you know those that belong to my kingdom, phylum, family, class, order.

And did I forgo to tell you guys and gals and mga pare, that I also work for the NSO. You now naman me, I am a perfectionist so I wanted all the information flowing to my sick-laden brain. Except for the fact na I told you above, some bobo creatures like those from The Lord of the Rings, no! not Gollum, coz Gollum is meh! Anyhow, neehow, I really wanted to go to Puerto last Lenten, but, shit happens naman talaga mga pare! Local inhabitants of that place has all this baho and the look in their faces they all look so bobo and the creatures from Lord of the Rings!

Fuck talaga! I really can't get off my head Mang Jose, his name sounds like so ancient like from 10,000 years ago. Like from the time of the monkeys and the dinosaurs and the cockroaches. I would need to bring pa tuloy alcohol everyday, just to make sure that everytime Mang Jose opens the car door for me, I would get infected by his baho and all those disease!

As in yuck talaga! I really hate this country and the local inhabitants and the bobo people and all the flairs.

Can someone give this guy/girl/orc a gun that shoots bullet both ways?

OK... So enough with rants about other's lowlifeness!

So, I've been at blog*spot for 5 months now. And everythings going great. I am planing to move out of blog*spot servers if and only if, I can fix my other blog and had no problem with it. Arvin's been helping me -- thanks dude! And oh, if you we're one of those who clicked that rectagular-orange-sticker at the left top of this page, then my warmest Thank You! I think I own the record for the highest leapt -- UP 925.

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