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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Da Vinci Code will be shown! A big YES! Aside from being a big fan of DVC and a theological curious guy (even though this movie could possibly harm my belief), I would surely be one of those who would queue-up outside a film theater to see what the movie has to offer. I read the book, November of 2004 because there was huge talk about it at SSCR.edu's forums. This morning, I went to National Bookstore with Beverly after having some foto printed. I walked at the Fiction section and browsed their shelf. I found a book entitled "Secrets of the Last Supper" (I am not certain with the title). Its cover sports a panoramic photo of the Last Supper. It hit me. As you can see the portrait can be divided into 3 parts. The left side, Jesus and the right side. However I'm not sure if you can correctly imagine what I will be saying so the photoshopped (poorly photoshopped that I've done) will guide you. Refer to the labels at the pic.
  1. This is the "extra hand" that Dan Brown had shown his readers. Ad you can see it cannot belong to the man on blue robes as it is biologically impossible to have hands on that side when your face is turned backwards. It cannot alosi belong to the man/lady which I turned purple.
  2. The hand which is shaped as a "knife." Appears to attacked the man/lady which I turned purple. Dan Brown told his readers that this supposed apostle who by-the-way doesn't look like a man, is Mary Magdalene -- yeah... the prostitute.
  3. What can you notice with what's on the table? I hope you noticed that there is no chalice. During the mass there is line there saying "Itinaas ang kalis..."
  4. At this time you already know that this is Mary Magdalene. Leonardo, wittingly placed her at Jesus' right (the purple) so that it his painting wouldn't be so obvious with the message he is tryin to tell. I moved "Mary" from its original position to this position. Making the exaggerated leaning reasonable. Remember that in TDVC, Dan Brown revealed to us that Jesus was in-love with mary and "He use to kiss her at her mouth."
  5. Upon placing Mary to her new position, it explains why the other apostles (who is also said to be depicted as the famous heretics from the "Secrets of the last supper") sports a reaction like that. -- Shocked and Alarmed. Notice how the man in moss colored robe looks at Mary. And the man behind him with his finger pointing upward... he must be saying something...
  6. This group of apostles are the same with the other group of apostles. They are shocked and alarmed. The amn on red robes has his hand toward the man on blue robes... depicting a "pag-awat" move.
The last judgment is still on you... wether you'll believe Leonardo or not. On a lighter note, still on the DVC theme... Can you decipher what message is the phrase below trying to tell??? Hmmm... Get your brains working!
Weirder and Sane
Weirder and Sane.... Weirder and Sane... Weirder and Sane... Weirder and Sane...

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