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Twenty One

Thursday, June 29, 2006

How's life being 21?

I feel like soo matanda na. I mean, just a few years ago I was like playing with my cousins... fooling around and now... everything seems to be different.

Like when I was in elementary and I used to buy iced-candies for me and my bestfriend, who just last year, turned into my house and took my cellphone while I was out buying foods. During our elementary days we all had our crushes and we try to "stick to one". We also had our stupid games during our PE classes.

During breaktimes we sit under a tree a tell a story about our life or jokes or anything under the sun. Back when there si no cellphone in my vocabulary.

TGIS is the most hit show among the teeny boppies. And my classmates even formed a TGIS-like setting and loveteams... which include me. Haha! But I wont tell who I was.

During my HS days, I was an active stage actor. When I was in my sophomore year, I played Tumago the vilain in Malakas and Maganda. I was also a cadet officer.

I remembered a heated argument with me and that guy... all because of this girl... whom I liked and whom he liked. They became a couple and broke-up eventually. He started to treat her badly... and I mean bad. He called her names at her back... Really stupid. So here I came... playing the hero part.... [parts omitted] Anyways... that was 7 years ago.

When I was in my Junior year, I almost got suspended. I had alot of tardiness so my adviser told me that I'll be suspended for 3 days, but I protested, telling her that I should've received a warning first before getting a suspension letter. Thanks God, she gave me one more chance. She is my favorite teacher of all time! No one could ever match Mrs. Camacho. Our hell teacher Daisy. *chuckles*

My junior year was the most memorable year for me. Why? Because we performed in front of the whole Sebastinian community. This was during our foundation day... we did a "carnival" themed act. And it worked!

Retreat was also memorable! Funny things happened as well as some touchy touchy stuff. You know, crying is part of this retreat thing. It was 10:00 pm when my classmates and the other section gathered around in circle holding a candle. We were wasked to close our eyes and feel our self. Music was audible. And a lady started to speak... moments laters I found my self crying with pain in my heart... I felt sorry for my self. And regret... and alot of things. But there is one comforting fact. God Forgives.

I also learned how to smoke, how to drink booze and how to get someone down there. At the same time I realized that I should change. Not change for change's sake but to change for the better. Change for my self. Change for my family.

Now, that I am a leader... now that there's roughly 9 months left before the big day... I wanted to see my self as I saw it 16 years ago.

Now that I am 21, there are approaximately 60 years left for me to do whatever I wanted.

Ahhhh... getting old really makes a person more in touch with reality. Or should I say, getting old makes a person want to fabricate his own reality?

Anyways, To all who greeted me on my birthday... Rowjie, Neng, Jude, Jae, Sasha, Anje, Shari, Leslie, Faboulous Girl, Jhed and Aahhhron. Thanks alot!

I also thank those who greeted me late. Shame on you! Haha! Kidding! Juice, Lojix, Rens and Irvin. If I failed to include your name here... please dont feel bad. You know I love you...

And oh, those links with STARS are my dailies.

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